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Summary: White Hot Putter is a golf club that helps to improve the golfer’s performance. This article discusses the features, benefits, and disadvantages of choosing this type of putter over other options. Additionally, it covers how to select the right white hot putter for different playing styles and preferences.

1. Design of White Hot Putter

The White Hot Putter is designed with a soft insert that enhances feel and feedback from the golf ball. The white-hot insert is made of a thermoplastic elastomer material that provides a consistent roll and sound upon impact. This design feature improves the golfer’s confidence in striking the ball accurately at the hole. Moreover, the putter head is designed into a mallet or blade shape to provide better control over speed and direction when putting the ball. A mallet-style head provides more forgiveness to mishit putts compared to the blade style.

Besides that, the developers have optimized the weight and alignment of the clubhead to achieve balance and stability when striking the ball. The shaft has a specific bend to facilitate a smooth stroke without breaking the wrist during the swing. The perimeter weighting provides stability, which reduces torque caused by off-centre hits.

Most white hot putters are compatible with different grip designs, sizes and shapes to suit individual player preferences. The grip material and design have a significant impact on the player’s confidence when holding the putter. Soft composite grips reduce strain during long games and promote a gentle stroke on the ball.

2. Benefits of Using White Hot Putter

Choosing a white hot putter can improve certain aspects of the golf game immensely. Firstly, it enhances the speed control of the ball, allowing it to roll effortlessly along the green. Golfers using white hot putters report increased accuracy, confidence, and consistency when putting. Some users claim that they experience fewer three-putts and other mistakes that may cost them strokes during a competitive game.

In addition, the white hot putter provides a better feel and sound feedback upon ball impact, which enhances confidence in putts. Players tend to adjust their stance, alignment, and swing based on the striking feedback, which leads to better overall performance.

The clubhead’s design makes it convenient for players to adjust to different putting scenarios. A player can choose between a blade or mallet style based on their preferences and the conditions of the game. White hot putters come with customisable lengths, lofts and lie angles. If a player is struggling with balance and control, they can try adjusting the weight distribution through sleeve inserts.

3. Disadvantages of Using White Hot Putter

One disadvantage of the White Hot Putter is the price point. It is typically more expensive than other golf putters. This feature may discourage some golfers from buying it despite its benefits. Although the cost could be worth the improved performance, it is essential for golfers to visit a fitting centre to ensure they make a sound investment.

The hight percentage of perimeter weighting may lead to a misalignment of the club face. The ability to hit straight putts is essential in golf, and this error may cost golfers several strokes throughout the game. Additionally, the soft insert material of the clubhead may generate additional spin on the ball, causing it to curve unexpectedly.

Lastly, the white-hot putter requires more upkeep compared to other types of golf putters. Golfers need to clean it after every game, remove debris from the grooves, and maintain the proper loft and lie angle.

4. How to Select the Right White Hot Putter

Choosing the right white hot putter depends on a player’s stroke type, preferred head design, and personal preferences. Firstly, golfers should identify their dominant stroke type: a straight back and straight-through stroke or an arcing stroke. This information helps them to select the appropriate shaft type and weight for the putter.

The putter head’s design should match the player’s putting style and preferences. Golfers who struggle with direction and alignment may find mallet-style heads more forgiving, while those who prefer a responsive feel choose a blade-style head.

Finally, players should consider the grip size and style of the white hot putter. The correct grip size helps with grip pressure and reduces wrist tension, promoting a smoother roller. The grip style preference depends on how much traction and gripping force the player desires when using the putter.


In summary, the white-hot putter is a popular choice among golfers due to its superior performance compared to traditional putters. The soft insert material, clubhead design, and customisability make it an excellent tool for players to improve accuracy, confidence, and consistency when putting. However, it does have some disadvantages such as cost, additional upkeep and potential misalignment issues. When shopping for a white hot putter, golfers should keep in mind their stroke type, playing preferences, and grip style for optimal performance.

Lastly, investing in the white hot putter is a sound decision worth considering, and any golfer struggling on the green should give it a try.

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