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Summary: Viddal Riley is a British boxer, trainer, and social media personality with a net worth of around $2 million. He first rose to fame through his successful boxing career and became even more well-known as the trainer of YouTube influencer-turned-boxer, KSI.

1. Riley’s Early Life

Viddal Riley was born on July 26, 1997, in Hackney, London. His passion for boxing began when he was just six years old, and he started training at the Lion ABC Boxing Club at age 10. By age 17, he had already won multiple boxing championships. Riley went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sports science at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, while continuing to compete in the ring.

However, Riley’s life took a different turn after he suffered a serious injury that forced him to take a break from boxing. During this time, he turned to coaching and began helping train up-and-coming boxers, while also actively sharing his workout routines and training tips on his social media accounts.

Over time, Riley became deeply involved in the world of boxing training and eventually emerged as one of its brightest stars.

2. Strong Comeback Post-Injury

In 2016, Viddal Riley made a comeback in competitive boxing after recovering from his injury. This time, he was even more motivated and focused on achieving great things in the ring. As expected, Riley returned with a bang and swiftly began racking up accolades, including winning gold medals at the European Championships and the British National Championships in 2017.

Riley then turned professional, signing with Mayweather Promotions in 2018. That same year, he made his professional debut against Mitchell Preedy, winning the bout by TKO. However, Riley decided to retire from competitive boxing in 2019 to focus on other career opportunities.

Despite his relatively short professional career, Viddal Riley had already built up a formidable reputation and gained a significant following of fans who admired his boxing skills and perseverance.

3. Rise to Fame as a Trainer

Viddal Riley became an even bigger name in the boxing world for his work as a trainer. He initially trained amateur boxers before transitioning to coaching high-profile clients, including celebrities and influencers who wanted to try their hand at the sport.

However, it was Riley’s work with KSI that really thrust him into the spotlight. The British YouTuber and influencer had announced that he would be taking part in a boxing match against American YouTuber Logan Paul. KSI then reached out to Viddal Riley to ask if he would coach him for the fight.

Riley accepted and went on to play a crucial role in helping KSI win both of his fights against Logan Paul. His input was widely praised, and many people began talking about Viddal Riley as one of the most promising young coaches in boxing.

4. Social Media Success

Viddal Riley is also a popular social media personality, with hundreds of thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He first began building his online presence by sharing workout videos and training tutorials, which helped him gain a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts and aspiring boxers.

He then began using social media to promote his brand and share his thoughts about boxing, often engaging with his followers by conducting Q&A sessions and sharing updates about his life and career. Riley has also partnered with various companies to promote products and services on his social media accounts, making him a successful brand ambassador in addition to his other roles.

His social media success has undoubtedly contributed to Viddal Riley’s net worth and overall influence in the boxing world.

5. Business Ventures

Viddal Riley has also dabbled in various business ventures throughout his career. One notable example is his partnership with Lomachenko Boxing Gear, which makes high-quality boxing equipment and apparel. Riley collaborated with the brand to create his own line of signature gloves, which have become very popular among boxing enthusiasts.

Riley has also announced plans to open his own boxing gym, which will be located in Dubai. The gym will be called “The Empire Gym” and is set to feature state-of-the-art training facilities, as well as personal coaching sessions from Viddal Riley himself.

His various business ventures are indicative of how he has established himself as a brand in the boxing world, and suggests that he has many more exciting opportunities ahead of him.


In conclusion, Viddal Riley’s impressive net worth of around $2 million is a testament to his success in multiple aspects of the boxing industry. From his early days as a talented boxer to his current position as a highly-regarded trainer and social media personality, Riley has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He has shown that through hard work, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible to achieve great things in the competitive world of boxing.

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