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Summary: Varian is a versatile hero in the popular mobile game “Arena of Valor”. In this article, we will discuss the most effective build for Varian. We will cover his abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as itemization and playstyle tips.

1. Abilities

Varian is known for his high burst potential and mobility. His passive ability, Swift Strike, allows him to dash forward and damage enemies on his path. His first ability, Triple Slash, deals damage to multiple enemies with each strike. However, his strongest ability is Moonlight Blade, which sends out a crescent-shaped wave that inflicts heavy damage and slows enemies. Finally, Varian’s ultimate ability, Colossus Smash, empowers his next basic attack to inflict extra damage and stun the target.

Overall, Varian’s kit emphasizes quick, decisive strikes that can quickly take down enemy threats.

However, Varian also lacks sustained damage and can be vulnerable to crowd control effects. As such, positioning and timing are crucial when playing Varian.

2. Early Game Strategy

Varian’s early game strategy revolves around farming up gold and denying the enemy’s farm. He should prioritize last-hitting minions to maximize his gold income. Additionally, he can use Triple Slash to quickly clear minion waves and harass the opposing laner.

If the opposing laner is not paying attention, Varian can use Swift Strike to dash in and deal damage before quickly retreating. This poke damage can add up over time and force the enemy to play defensively.

Varian should also be aware of gank opportunities. If the enemy is overextended or low on health, Varian can use his mobility to quickly rotate to other lanes and secure kills.

3. Mid Game Team Fighting

As the game progresses, Varian’s role shifts towards team fighting. He should stay with his team and use Moonlight Blade to initiate fights and deal significant damage. Swift Strike can also be used to reposition and dodge enemy abilities.

Varian should focus on high-priority targets such as enemy carries or mages. Colossus Smash is particularly effective in taking down tankier targets.

Positioning is critical for Varian in team fights. He should avoid being caught out of position and focus on staying alive while dealing damage.

4. Itemization

Varian’s itemization depends on the situation and team composition, but there are a few core items that work well with his kit.

Firstly, Claves Sancti provides a significant boost to Varian’s critical strike damage. This item increases his burst potential and works well with Triple Slash.

Secondly, Omni Arms provides additional damage and mobility. Its passive ability grants Varian an extra attack after using an ability, which synergizes well with his kit.

Finally, Frost Cape is a strong defensive option that also provides additional crowd control. The slow effect from Frost Cape’s passive ability can help Varian stick to his targets and keep them within range.

Additional defensive items such as Medallion of Troy, Shield of the Lost, or Mail of Pain may be necessary against specific enemy compositions.

5. Playstyle Tips

Finally, here are some general playstyle tips for Varian:

  • Varian excels in quick trades and hit-and-run tactics. Don’t overcommit to fights or stay in prolonged engagements.
  • Use Moonlight Blade and Swift Strike to reposition in team fights and avoid enemy abilities.
  • Varian’s mobility allows him to split push effectively. Use this to put pressure on enemy lanes and create map pressure.
  • Coordinate with your team to make use of Colossus Smash’s stun effect.
  • Be aware of your positioning and don’t get caught out of position. Varian is vulnerable to crowd control effects such as stuns.


Varian is a versatile hero in “Arena of Valor” that excels at quick, decisive strikes. The most effective build for Varian emphasizes burst damage, mobility, and some defensive options. Understanding Varian’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses is critical to playing him effectively. With the right build and strategy, Varian can be a powerful asset to any team.

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