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Summary: TrueSpeed Bath is a fiber-optic broadband provider based in the city of Bath, UK, offering high-speed internet to both residential and business customers. Its network is known for its reliability, speed, and affordability, compared to other ISPs in the area. In this article, we will explore various aspects of TrueSpeed Bath, including its history, technology, pricing, customer service, and future plans.

1. History of TrueSpeed Bath

TrueSpeed Bath was founded in 2014 by two local entrepreneurs, Evan Wienburg and Darren Lewitt, who noticed the lack of reliable broadband services in the Bath area. They decided to build their own network using fiber-optic cables, which offer faster speeds and better performance than traditional copper or coaxial cables. The first customers were connected in 2016, and since then, TrueSpeed has expanded its coverage to over 5,000 homes and businesses across Bath and nearby towns.

One of the key factors that set TrueSpeed apart from other ISPs is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company provides personalized support to each customer, including a dedicated account manager who can help with installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance. TrueSpeed also offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing new customers to try the service risk-free, and a community forum where users can share feedback and suggestions.

In addition, TrueSpeed is committed to using environmentally friendly practices in its operations, such as using renewable energy sources and minimizing waste. The company also supports local charities and community projects, such as sponsoring events and donating equipment to schools and libraries.

2. Technology used by TrueSpeed Bath

As mentioned earlier, TrueSpeed uses fiber-optic cables to deliver internet to its customers. Fiber-optic technology works by transmitting data as light signals through thin glass or plastic fibers, rather than electrical signals through copper wires. This allows for much higher bandwidth and faster speeds, as well as lower latency and interference. TrueSpeed’s network uses a combination of underground and overhead cables, depending on the terrain and property location.

To connect to TrueSpeed, customers need a wired router or modem and a compatible device such as a computer, smartphone, or TV. TrueSpeed offers various packages with different download and upload speeds, ranging from 100 Mbps to 900 Mbps. The company also provides optional add-ons such as landline phone service and WiFi extenders.

In terms of network management, TrueSpeed uses advanced software and monitoring tools to ensure uptime and security. Its engineers perform regular maintenance and upgrades to optimize performance and prevent outages. TrueSpeed also offers a self-service portal where customers can manage their accounts, view usage data, and pay bills online.

3. Pricing and plans offered by TrueSpeed Bath

TrueSpeed offers a range of packages and pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. Its basic package, called Home User, starts at £45 per month and includes unlimited downloads, a wired router, and 100 Mbps speed. The next tier, called Power User, costs £65 per month and offers 200 Mbps speed, landline phone service, and advanced WiFi features. The highest tier, Elite Gamer, costs £95 per month and provides 900 Mbps speed, prioritized traffic for gaming and streaming, and enhanced security features.

For business customers, TrueSpeed offers tailored solutions such as dedicated fiber connections, static IP addresses, and custom service level agreements (SLAs). The pricing varies depending on the requirements and location of the customer. TrueSpeed also offers bulk discounts for landlords and housing developers who want to provide internet access to multiple properties.

All TrueSpeed packages come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, as well as free installation and activation. Customers can also cancel or switch plans at any time, without incurring penalties or hidden fees. TrueSpeed provides transparent pricing and billing, and offers various payment options such as direct debit, credit card, or bank transfer.

4. Customer service and support from TrueSpeed Bath

One of the unique selling points of TrueSpeed is its personalized customer service and support. Unlike many ISPs that rely on call centers or chatbots, TrueSpeed assigns each customer a dedicated account manager who can assist with any issues or questions. The account manager is available by phone, email, or in-person appointment, and can provide technical advice, troubleshoot problems, or escalate ticket requests.

In addition, TrueSpeed has an online community forum where customers can share feedback, ideas, and concerns. The forum is moderated by TrueSpeed staff, who respond promptly to any queries or complaints. The forum also serves as a knowledge base, where customers can find answers to common questions, such as how to set up a WiFi network or troubleshoot slow speeds.

TrueSpeed also provides a range of self-help resources on its website, including video tutorials, user guides, and FAQs. Customers can access their account details, view usage data, and pay bills online, using the secure MyTrueSpeed portal. For urgent issues or outages, TrueSpeed has a 24/7 support hotline, which connects directly to a local engineer.

5. Future plans for TrueSpeed Bath

TrueSpeed has ambitious plans to expand its fiber network to more areas in the South West of England, including Bristol, Gloucester, and Swindon. The company has secured funding from private investors and government grants, and is working closely with local councils and communities to identify demand and feasibility. TrueSpeed also plans to introduce additional services such as home automation, cloud storage, and IoT devices, to complement its core broadband offering.

To achieve its growth targets, TrueSpeed will need to overcome various challenges, such as planning permissions, utility coordination, and technical obstacles. The company is investing heavily in research and development, and has partnered with leading tech suppliers such as Juniper Networks, ADVA, and Calix, to ensure its network remains scalable and future-proof.

Overall, TrueSpeed Bath is a reliable and innovative broadband provider that offers high-speed internet and personalized support to customers in the South West of England. Its use of fiber-optic technology, commitment to customer satisfaction, and transparent pricing make it an attractive option for both residential and business users. With its expansion plans and focus on sustainability, TrueSpeed is poised to become a major player in the UK broadband market.


In conclusion, TrueSpeed Bath is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable broadband service. Its use of fiber-optic cables and advanced software ensures top-quality performance and security, while its personalized customer service and 14-day satisfaction guarantee provide peace of mind. Whether you are a heavy user who needs high bandwidth for gaming or streaming, or a small business that requires tailored solutions and SLAs, TrueSpeed has a package that suits your needs. With its ambitious growth plans and community-oriented approach, TrueSpeed is setting a new standard for ISPs in the UK.

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