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Summary: Thomas Cook Football Packages – An exceptional experience for die-hard football fans

1. The Concept of Football Packages

Thomas Cook is one of the most renowned travel and tourism companies in the world and has been offering its services to customers for over a century. It has been exclusively offering football packages since the 1970s. They not only offer tickets to football events but also handle travel and stay arrangements for fans who adore the sport and are willing to travel across the length and breadth of Europe to watch their favorite teams play.

For the premier league fans, the options are endless. From Arsenal to Manchester United and Liverpool to Chelsea, Thomas Cook caters to fans of every team. If you are looking for an extensive range of travel packages with match tickets, flights, and hotel accommodation – all taken care of, then Thomas Cook Football packages are ideal for you.

Whether it is watching the breathtaking plays at Old Trafford or exploring the city of Paris to see the PSG game, Thomas Cook offers fans the perfect blend of travel and the most exciting sport on the planet.

2. Types of Football Packages

Thomas Cook offers four types of football packages. Among these, the Day Trip Package is the only one that lasts a day while the other three are categorised under short breaks:

i. Day Trip Packages: In these packages, you can attend the premier league or club games for the day and return later the same evening.

ii. Bed, Breakfast & Match Ticket: It includes match tickets, along with hotel accommodation for one night and breakfast for travellers. This type of package is suitable for those who want to experience travel at leisure and make every moment count.

iii. Matchbreak Packages: This package includes standard hotel accommodation for two or more nights, along with match tickets and breakfast.

iv. Longer Breaks: Thomas Cook also offers longer duration trips to football events that can last for more than six days. This includes match tickets, flights, hotel accommodation, and other sightseeing options that the city of the team in question may have to offer.

3. Destination Options Available

Thomas Cook is renowned for offering flexible travel packages that cater to a plethora of football games not only in England but other countries as well. Italy, Spain and Germany are among the international football destinations that are attractively positioned in their brochures. The team at Thomas Cook has endeavoured to handpick venues and manage itinerary planning, such as arranging for guided tours of popular football stadiums such as Camp Nou or Santiago Bernabeu as well as other tourist attractions in various cities across Europe.

Some of the most popular places on the destination list are Manchester and Newcastle, Valencia and Madrid, Rome and Milan, and Dortmund and Munich in Germany. Additionally, stunning destinations like Lisbon and Amsterdam are also part of the package deal.

The whole point of these packages is to help fans avoid the hassle of making their own travel arrangements and instead focus solely on soaking up the atmosphere of being in the stands rooting for their favourite team and spending quality time in popular European destinations.

4. Ease of Booking a Football Package

Thomas Cook makes it easy for customers to book their ideal football package through their website. All that you need to do is visit the travel company’s website, view the available options, and select the matches you want to attend, along with the number of people who will be accompanying you. Their booking engine automatically calculates the price and provides options such as an additional stay request if you wish to extend your trip.

In addition, expert customer support staff is on hand via online chat and telephone to provide immediate assistance with any queries throughout the booking process or for post-booking questions.

5. Benefits of a Football Package

The primary benefit of purchasing a Thomas Cook Football Package is their hassle-free nature, which provides travellers with an entirely new experience that is cost-effective too. Thomas Cook has long-standing relationships with the world’s most popular football clubs, ensuring access to the best seats in the stadium and hotel accommodation that suits your pocket. It saves precious time and energy being spent planning a trip that remains memorable even after months have passed by.

Furthermore, the value for money aspect of these packages, as well as the benefit of having the opportunity to experience different countries and football fan culture is something that is highly recommended for those who cherish the beautiful game.


Thomas Cook Football Packages offer fans an unparalleled way of experiencing their favourite sport. By combining travel, accommodation and match tickets, they have ensured that travelling to see their team play has never been easier or more convenient. The ease of booking, the scope of personalised packages, the flexibility of travel solutions, and the comfort of knowing that all your arrangements are taken care of makes Thomas Cook Football Packages something every die-hard football fan should consider.

So, if you’re hoping to see your favourite team play, but don’t want to handle the logistics yourself, then Thomas Cook should be your go-to choice. Not only will it ensure that you catch the game live, but it also guarantees a cultural experience that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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