Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Summary: Thirsk Racecourse has been hosting horse races in North Yorkshire since 1923. Today’s race saw some exciting performances from both jockeys and horses, with a good mix of favorites and underdogs winning. The results reflect the skill of the trainers, jockeys, and the hard work put in by the horses to deliver a thrilling event.

1. The Favorites

The first race of the day saw Salouen take first place. Trained by Sylvester Kirk and ridden by Franny Norton, Salouen was a favorite amongst the enthusiastic audience. It was a close win with Salouen finishing just ahead of the second-place contender, Shawaamekh. Such performances showcase the sheer mastery behind these horses and the importance of selecting the right jockeys.

The third-place winner in the race, True Destiny, was another brilliant performer. Trained by Richard Hannon and ridden by Sean Levey, True Destiny showed great technique and stamina, making for an exciting race from start to finish.

Later in the day, Keepright claimed victory in the fifth race. Trained by Kevin Ryan and ridden by Jason Hart, Keepright ran a fantastic race, beating the other contenders with ease. Keepright sustained a steady pace throughout the track, taking advantage of every opportunity and finishing strong.

2. The Underdogs

The second race of the day saw the underdog, Magna Moralia, take the top spot. Trained by Roger Fell and ridden by Ben Curtis, Magna Moralia had high odds of winning, but the duo defied the odds and won the race convincingly. Coming in second place was Tom Collins, ridden by James Doyle, while Ravenscar placed third, ridden by D Tudhope.

The fourth race of the day saw the underdog, Petitioner, claim victory. Trained by Tim Easterby and ridden by Danny Redmond, Petitioner showed impressive form throughout the course, beating other well-favored horses like Logical Song and Baryshnikov.

These races remind us that anything is possible in horse racing, and sometimes the unexpected contenders can take the prize home.

3. The Leading Trainers

Today’s event showcased some of the best trainers in the UK. One trainer that stood out was John Gosden, who trained the winner in the seventh race, Cape Palace. Ridden by Daniel Muscutt, Cape Palace put on an unparalleled performance, finishing well ahead of the other contenders. Gosden is known for producing top-class horses and a string of high-profile winners.

Another notable trainer was Richard Hannon, who trained the third-place winner in the first race, True Destiny. Hannon has a vast knowledge of horse racing and has produced some of the most successful champions in the sport. His attention to detail and commitment to training has made him a formidable force in the training circuit.

The third leading trainer of the day was Kevin Ryan, who trained the winner in the fifth race, Keepright. Ryan’s expertise in the field is no surprise, given his many years of experience. His horses consistently perform well, making him one of the most respected trainers in the business.

4. The Jockeys

Thirsk Racecourse also saw some fantastic performances from the jockeys, who combined their skill with their trusted horses to deliver a great show. One such jockey was Franny Norton, who rode Salouen to victory in the first race. Norton is widely regarded as one of the best jockeys in the UK, with a wealth of experience and many accolades to his name.

James Doyle was another standout jockey, who rode Tom Collins to second place in the second race. Doyle is known for his calm demeanor and his ability to work well with horses, regardless of their temperament.

Danny Redmond was another noteworthy jockey, who rode Petitioner to victory in the fourth race. Redmond is relatively new to the scene but has already displayed an uncanny understanding of the sport. His fearless approach and willingness to take risks make him an exciting rider to watch.

5. The Crowd and Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Thirsk Racecourse was electric, with thousands of racegoers shouting and cheering as their favorite horses crossed the finish line. The passionate crowd helped create a fantastic atmosphere for all the races, giving the event an extra dimension of excitement and buzz.

The location of the racecourse also played a massive role in making this a memorable day for everyone involved. The track itself is located in a beautiful part of Yorkshire, surrounded by scenic landscapes. The stunning views, combined with the electric energy of the crowd, made for a fabulous day out for everyone in attendance.

The exceptional service from the staff at Thirsk Racecourse is also worth noting. They worked tirelessly throughout the day, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and that race goers had a great experience.


In conclusion, the Thirsk Racecourse delivered an exceptional event that showcased the very best of horse racing. The results reflected the talent of the trainers, jockeys, and horses, who all worked incredibly hard to deliver a fantastic spectacle. Whether you were cheering on the favorites or celebrating the underdogs, there was something for everyone at today’s event. I believe this day will go down in history as one of the most exciting and entertaining races in Thirsk Racecourse’s history, and all those involved should be proud of what they accomplished—bringing fans closer to the sport they love.

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