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Summary: Surbiton is a vibrant area in the southwest of London, known for its extensive range of sports facilities. Surbiton Sports Club is a prime example of this, offering numerous sports for people of all ages and abilities.

1. The History of Surbiton Sports Club

Surbiton Sports Club began in 1877 as a cricket club and has since grown to offer a vast array of sports. The club has seen many changes throughout its history, including a relocation in 1939 to its current site on Berrylands Road, where it boasts 14 acres of land. In addition to cricket, Surbiton Sports Club offers hockey, squash, tennis, and lacrosse. The club has also been a training ground for Olympic athletes, including the gold medal-winning women’s hockey team at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

As the club has grown, so has its reputation in the community. Surbiton Sports Club has been recognized for its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, which is reflected not only in its diverse range of sports but also in its support for local schools and charities. The club has also been awarded numerous accolades, such as the Surrey Sports Club of the Year award in 2018.

Today, Surbiton Sports Club is a thriving hub for sports enthusiasts in the community and beyond.

2. Facilities and Programs

Surbiton Sports Club offers state-of-the-art facilities for all of its sports, including multiple hockey pitches, tennis courts, and squash courts. The club also boasts a modern gym with personal training options. Memberships are available for individuals and families, with discounts for youth and seniors.

The club offers a range of programs, including opportunities for juniors to develop their skills in various sports, fitness programs for all ages, and leagues and tournaments for the more competitive members. The club also offers sports camps during school holidays for children aged 5-14, providing a fun and active environment for kids to hone their skills.

Moreover, the club is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to its facilities, regardless of financial situation. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford memberships or program fees. Additionally, charity events are held throughout the year to support local organizations and causes.

3. Hockey at Surbiton Sports Club

Hockey is one of the most popular sports at Surbiton Sports Club, with both men’s and women’s teams competing at the highest levels. The club has multiple pitches, including an artificial turf pitch built to international standards. In 2019, Surbiton Sports Club’s women’s team won their fifth consecutive national league title, cementing their status as one of the top teams in the country.

The club also offers opportunities for junior players to play and develop their skills, including entry into local and national tournaments. In addition, Surbiton Sports Club hosts international matches, such as the Sultan of Johor Cup, showcasing some of the best young hockey players from around the world.

Surbiton Sports Club’s commitment to hockey is evident in its investment in the sport, including their partnership with Investec, a leading provider of women’s hockey sponsorship in the UK.

4. Squash at Surbiton Sports Club

Squash is another popular sport at Surbiton Sports Club, with six competition-standard courts available for use. The club has teams in various local leagues, as well as regular club nights for members to play socially. The club also offers coaching for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Surbiton Sports Club has a strong tradition in squash, with former World No. 1 Peter Marshall being one of its most famous members. In 2017, Surbiton Sports Club hosted the Men’s British National Squash Championships for the first time in its history, further solidifying the club’s status as a premier destination for squash players.

The squash community at Surbiton Sports Club is welcoming and inclusive, with events held throughout the year to bring members together both on and off the court.

5. Tennis at Surbiton Sports Club

Surbiton Sports Club has a long-standing tradition in tennis, with 19 courts available for use, including six indoor courts for year-round play. The club has played host to various international tournaments over the years, including the Wimbledon Qualifying Tournament.

The club offers coaching for players of all ages and abilities, as well as leagues and tournaments for competitive players. Juniors can develop their skills through regular training and participation in local and national tournaments. In addition, the club offers a social tennis program, allowing members to play in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Surbiton Sports Club’s commitment to tennis is evident in its partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), which aids in the development of promising young players and provides opportunities for members to attend world-class tennis events.


Surbiton Sports Club is a central hub for sporting activity in the community, offering a vast range of facilities and programs for people of all ages and abilities. The club’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and development is reflected in its many achievements and accolades. Those looking for a fun and engaging sporting experience in Surbiton need look no further than Surbiton Sports Club.

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