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Summary: Starr Gate is a famous landmark in Blackpool, United Kingdom. This article will discuss the history, location, features, attractions, and future plans of Starr Gate.

1. History of Starr Gate

Starr Gate got its name from William Starr, who opened a hotel in the area during the 19th century. In the early 20th century, the building was used as a public house and became a popular meeting place for locals. The land where Starr Gate stands was owned by the Clifton family, who sold it to Blackpool Corporation in the 1900s. The corporation turned it into a promenade and made it accessible to the public.

During World War II, Starr Gate was used as an army barracks. In the 1950s, it was transformed into a bus terminus and a tram stop, which made it a transportation hub for travelers along the Fylde Coast. Today, Starr Gate remains a vital transport interchange and a popular destination for tourists visiting Blackpool.

The history of Starr Gate is significant, reflecting its role in Blackpool’s growth and development as a coastal tourism destination.

2. Location of Starr Gate

Starr Gate is located on the Fylde Coast in Blackpool, in the North West of England. It is situated at the southern end of Blackpool Promenade, close to attractions such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark. The address of Starr Gate is Clifton Drive South, Blackpool FY4 1BZ.

Starr Gate’s location makes it a popular starting point for visitors exploring the Fylde Coast and offers excellent views of the Irish Sea and Blackpool beach.

The location of Starr Gate is strategic, as it provides easy access to key tourist spots in Blackpool and other nearby areas.

3. Features of Starr Gate

Starr Gate features a modern transportation hub, including a bus station and a tram stop. It provides services that connect Blackpool to Fleetwood, Cleveleys, St Anne’s, and Lytham, among other destinations in the area.

The building has a distinctive architecture, with a glass roof and ceiling that allows natural light to enter the building. There are also shops, cafes, and public restrooms available on-site for visitors.

Starr Gate is located near the beach, providing stunning views of the sea. The area has several walking and cycling paths that visitors can explore at their leisure.

The features of Starr Gate make it an attractive destination for travelers looking for a convenient transportation hub and a place to relax and enjoy scenic views.

4. Attractions near Starr Gate

Starr Gate is located close to several attractions, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Blackpool. One of these attractions is the Sandcastle Waterpark, one of the largest indoor waterparks in the UK. It features numerous water slides, wave pools, and other water-based activities that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

Another attraction near Starr Gate is Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a famous amusement park that has been entertaining visitors for over a century. It features rides such as The Big One, which was once the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world.

Other nearby attractions include the Blackpool Tower, the Grand Theatre Blackpool, and Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

The attractions near Starr Gate offer a diverse range of activities and experiences for visitors, from thrilling roller coasters to historic landmarks.

5. Future plans for Starr Gate

The future plans for Starr Gate include revamping the existing transportation hub and improving the building’s facilities and infrastructure. The Blackpool City Council has proposed a £26 million plan to modernize Starr Gate, which includes turning it into a transport interchange that integrates bus, tram, and train services.

The renovation plans also aim to provide better access for people with disabilities, increase cycle parking facilities, and enhance the public realm around Starr Gate. The proposed design incorporates sustainable features, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

The future plans for Starr Gate demonstrate Blackpool’s commitment to improving its transport infrastructure and enhancing the visitor experience in the town.


Starr Gate is a significant landmark in Blackpool with a rich history and strategic location. Its features, attractions, and future plans make it an attractive destination for visitors traveling to Blackpool and other areas on the Fylde Coast. Whether interested in exploring nearby attractions or using its transportation facilities, Starr Gate offers convenience, accessibility, and scenic views to travelers.

The proposed renovation plans for Starr Gate show that Blackpool is committed to improving its tourism infrastructure and providing visitors with a memorable experience. Starr Gate is not only a transportation hub but also a symbol of Blackpool’s growth and development as a coastal tourism destination.

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