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Summary: Soft play is a wonderful indoor playground for children where they can jump, climb, slide and crawl around safely. In Salisbury, there are plenty of soft play centres which cater to children of different age groups and offer a variety of fun activities. From ball pools to obstacle courses and trampolines, these centres are a great way to keep kids entertained with physical activity, socializing, and imaginative play.

1. Benefits of Soft Play

Soft play is not just about having fun but also offers many developmental benefits for children. It helps to improve their gross motor skills, balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility. Soft play is often used in occupational therapy as it provides sensory stimulation that supports the development of fine motor skills and improves concentration and focus. The interactive nature of soft play also helps to enhance social skills such as communication, turn-taking, sharing, and making friends.

Furthermore, soft play plays an essential role in child development by promoting creativity and imagination. Kids can use their imagination as they play and explore the different elements of the playground. For example, they can pretend to be pirates, astronauts or jungle explorers. This helps to develop their cognitive and language skills as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

Overall, soft play is an excellent way for children to learn and grow while enjoying themselves in a safe and secure environment.

2. Top Soft Play Centres in Salisbury

Salisbury boasts of a diverse range of soft play centres catering to different age groups and budget. Here are some of the most popular soft play spots in Salisbury:

Jungle Indoor Play Centre: Jungle indoor play centre is one of the best soft play centres in Salisbury, offering a range of exciting soft play equipment suitable for children from 0-12 years old. The play area includes three-storey soft play frames, a separate baby and toddler area, slides, ball pits, trampolines, and more.

Crazy Monsters: Crazy monsters are a family-owned soft play centre catering to children up to 10 years old. It features multi-level play structures, a dedicated toddler zone, sensory room, wavy slide, ball pool, and disco room.

The XXl Centre: The XXL centre is a sports and activity facility that includes a large soft play area for kids under six years old. It includes an interactive ball wall, climbing frames, ball pit, tunnels, and slides.

3. Safety measures in Soft Play Centres

Soft play centres understand the importance of safety and take measures to ensure that children can play without the risk of injury. Centres adhere to strict regulations on equipment, maintenance, hygiene, and staffing to ensure the safest possible environment. All equipment used in soft play centres is soft and padded to prevent injuries, and the ground is covered with soft padding or rubber mats.

Cleaning and maintenance are done regularly, ensuring that all equipment is in good condition and free from damage. Soft play centres have trained staff who monitor the playground and provide supervision and help when required.

Parents can also do their part by ensuring their kids follow the rules and guidelines set out by the centre. They should also supervise their children at all times and avoid bringing in hazardous items such as food and drink or shoes with hard soles.

4. Tips for visiting Soft Play Centres

Visiting soft play centres can be an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults. Here are some tips to make your visit more comfortable:

Dress appropriately: Kids should wear comfortable clothes and socks (no shoes or bare feet allowed).

Time your visit: Visit during quieter periods if possible to avoid the crowds.

Bring snacks and drinks: Most soft play centres have cafes on-site, but bringing your snacks and drinks can be a cheaper option.

Stay close: Supervise your child at all times and stay within arm’s reach if necessary.

Follow rules: Ensure your child understands the importance of following the rules and guidelines set out by the centre.


Soft play centres provide an excellent environment for children to learn, grow, and have fun. With diverse options in Salisbury, these centres offer children a wide range of activities to develop their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills. By adhering to safety measures and following basic tips, parents can ensure their kids’ experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Lastly, visiting soft play centres can create long-lasting memories and strengthen family bonds. So, gather your family and head to one of the best soft play centres in Salisbury today!

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