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Summary: Selby news today contains a range of interesting and informative stories on local events, politics, crime, and community initiatives. From the latest council decisions to updates on local business developments and community celebrations, the Selby area has a lot to offer its residents.

1. Council Decisions

Selby Borough Council met this week to discuss a range of issues affecting the local community. One key decision was to approve plans for a new library in the town centre, which will provide residents with a modern and accessible facility for reading, research and learning. The council also agreed to extend funding for a local youth project, which has been successful in engaging young people from diverse backgrounds in sport, art and cultural activities.

However, there was also some controversy around the council’s decision to approve plans for a new supermarket on the outskirts of town. Some residents are concerned that this will have a negative impact on smaller local businesses and traffic congestion in the area.

Overall, the council meeting highlighted the importance of balancing economic growth and community needs, and the diverse perspectives and priorities of different stakeholders in the Selby area.

2. Crime and Safety

The Selby area has experienced some recent incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour, which have raised concerns among residents. The police have increased patrols in affected areas and worked with local schools and businesses to prevent further incidents.

One positive development in this area was the launch of a new community safety initiative, which encourages residents to report suspicious activity and work together to keep their neighbourhoods safe. This initiative is supported by the council and local police, and has already received positive feedback from residents who feel more empowered to take action against crime.

Despite these challenges, the Selby area remains a relatively safe and welcoming place to live, work and visit.

3. Business Developments

The Selby area has seen a number of exciting new business developments in recent months. These range from small independent retailers to large-scale industrial projects, and reflect the diverse economic landscape of the area.

One notable example is the opening of a new solar-powered factory in Selby, which will create hundreds of new jobs and provide a sustainable source of energy for local homes and businesses. This project reflects the growing trend towards green energy and sustainable manufacturing, and highlights the potential of the Selby area to lead the way in this field.

Other recent business developments include the expansion of a local logistics firm and the launch of a new online marketplace for handmade goods produced by local artisans. These initiatives showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of the Selby community and the wide range of business opportunities available in the area.

4. Community Celebrations

Selby is known for its vibrant and close-knit community, which celebrates a range of festivals and events throughout the year. One recent highlight was the annual Selby Food and Drink Festival, which attracted thousands of visitors to the town centre and showcased the best of local gastronomy.

Other upcoming events include a charity fun run, a live music festival and a historical re-enactment of the Battle of Selby Bridge. These events bring together residents from different backgrounds and promote a sense of pride and belonging in the Selby area.

The community also plays an important role in supporting local charities and social initiatives, with regular fundraising events and volunteer days organised by local groups and organisations.


The Selby area has a rich and diverse tapestry of news and events, reflecting the priorities, challenges and achievements of the local community. From council decisions to community celebrations, the Selby news today provides a valuable insight into life in this unique and dynamic area.

Whether you are a resident or visitor to the Selby area, staying informed about local news and developments is essential for understanding the issues that affect your daily life. By engaging with the latest Selby news today, you can stay connected to the pulse of this vibrant and fascinating community.

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