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Summary: Partick Thistle Away Kit – A Look at the Yellow and Red Stripes

1. The Significance of Football Kit Colors

Football kits are not just pieces of clothing; they hold a great deal of importance for both the players and the fans. The colors and design of the kit are symbolic, and they reflect the club’s history, values, and identity. In the case of Partick Thistle, yellow and red stripes have always been a prominent feature of their away kit. The color scheme dates back to the 1920s and is instantly recognizable to supporters of the club.

The yellow and red stripes represent the coat of arms of Sir William Burrell, who gifted the land on which Firhill Stadium was built. Moreover, these colors signify the bravery, passion, and determination of the players who wear the kit. For many fans, the sight of the yellow and red stripes on the field creates a sense of nostalgia and loyalty towards the club.

The away kit is especially significant because it represents the team when they play on rival turf. The colors make a statement, show resilience and lend an air of pride to the team who dons it.

2. The Evolution of Partick Thistle’s Away Kit

Partick Thistle has gone through multiple iterations of their away kit throughout the years. However, the yellow and red stripes have been a constant presence. The earliest version of the kit featured broader yellow stripes with narrower red stripes, giving the impression of a bumblebee. In the 1950s, the stripes were reversed, with more red than yellow. The design has gone through minor changes over the years to improve the functionality of the kit, but at its core, the essential design elements have remained unchanged.

The present kit includes woven panels that increase airflow, which is especially important during intense matches. The yellow and red stripes are thinner than previous kits, making it look sleeker and modern. The shorts and socks are black, to further accentuate the colors of the jersey.

In 2018, the club launched a special edition of the away kit, featuring a tartan design inspired by the local area’s textile heritage. The kit was an instant hit with the fans, who appreciated the nod to the club’s roots. Additionally, this shows that the club is not afraid to experiment with their designs.

3. The Popularity of Partick Thistle’s Away Kit

Partick Thistle’s yellow and red striped shirt has become an iconic piece of footballing history. The design is unique and easily recognizable on and off the field. The kit is renowned worldwide and is favored by many aficionados of football apparel for its classic design and retro appeal.

The Partick Thistle supporters have embraced the away kit wholeheartedly. Fans can be seen wearing the famous yellow and red colors on matchdays, and there’s even a chant, “We’ve got the best away kit in the world.”

The shirt has also had commercial success. In 2016, Partick Thistle released their new away kit, featuring the yellow and red stripes. Within hours, the kit sold out in all sizes, due to popular demand. The kit proved so popular with fans that it was re-released for the following season.

4. The Impact of Partick Thistle’s Away Kit on Football Kit Design

The Partick Thistle away kit has been a significant influence on football kit design, both in Scotland and internationally. The iconic design has inspired other teams’ kit design in Scottish football, such as East Fife and Dumbarton.

Moreover, the yellow and red stripes have influenced some English clubs’ kits and international teams, such as Brazil and Stoke City, to name a few.

Partick Thistle’s kit is an example of how you don’t need bold or outrageous designs, but instead, simple, classic designs that can last for generations.


The Partick Thistle yellow and red striped away kit holds a special place in Scottish football’s history. The iconic design represents the club’s heritage, values, and identity. The kit has evolved through time, yet the essence remains unchanged, making it instantly recognizable on the field.

In conclusion, Partick Thistle’s kit has impacted football kit design worldwide, inspiring other teams’ kits, both in Scotland and abroad. The popularity of the away kit shows the passion and loyalty the fans have for the club. It is no wonder the Partick Thistle supporters’ favorite chant is “We’ve got the best away kit in the world.”

Lastly, this shirt is a testament to football’s heritage, and its timeless design is a fitting reminder of the influence of apparel design on sport and society.

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