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Summary: “Serve to Win” is a memoir by Novak Djokovic that details his journey to becoming the world’s number one male tennis player. In the book, Djokovic shares how he overcame numerous obstacles, including his struggles with nutrition, injuries, and mental blocks. He credits a change in his diet with transforming his game, allowing him to perform at his peak level and ultimately achieve his goals.

1. Djokovic’s Diet Transformation

“Serve to Win” offers readers a unique glimpse into the life of an elite athlete, including the importance of nutrition. Djokovic details his struggles with food allergies and intolerances, which made it difficult for him to maintain a consistent performance on the court. As a result, he decided to switch to a plant-based diet, cutting out gluten, dairy, and processed foods. This radical approach paid off for Djokovic, as he began to see improvements in his health and fitness, allowing him to dominate in tournaments like never before.

Despite initial skepticism from his team, Djokovic explains how he adhered to a strict nutritional regime, eventually gaining the support of his family and fellow tennis players. Not only did this change help him physically, but it also had significant mental benefits, allowing him to stay focused and positive during matches. For athletes aspiring to reach their peak potential, Djokovic’s story serves as a testament to the power of nutrition in achieving athletic goals.

However, Djokovic also acknowledges that nutrition alone was not sufficient to reach the top of the tennis world. Other factors, including physical conditioning, mental preparation, and hard work, are vital to achieving peak performance on the court.

2. Overcoming Injury

Injuries are a common challenge for professional athletes and can often lead to a setback in their careers. Djokovic is no exception, having faced numerous bouts of injuries throughout his career that have threatened to derail his success. In “Serve to Win,” he talks about the importance of physical conditioning and injury prevention in maintaining a consistent performance on the court.

Djokovic takes a proactive approach when it comes to injuries, including regular checkups with his team of doctors and trainers. He also emphasizes that rest and recovery play a crucial role in preventing injuries, allowing the body to recover and rebuild after intense physical activity. By prioritizing his health and well-being, Djokovic has been able to overcome multiple injuries and continue to perform at his highest level.

However, Djokovic’s journey also highlights the mental challenges of dealing with injuries and setbacks. He shares candidly about the frustration and disappointment he felt during these times, as well as the techniques he relied on to stay motivated and focused during the recovery process. For aspiring athletes, Djokovic’s story serves as a reminder that success on the court requires both physical and mental resilience.

3. The Mental Game

Tennis is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and Djokovic understands this well. Throughout “Serve to Win,” he emphasizes the significance of mental preparation and the role it played in his rise to the top of the tennis world. From visualization techniques to meditation practices, Djokovic shares the strategies he used to stay focused and resilient during matches.

In addition to mental preparation, Djokovic also addresses the importance of developing a positive mindset and staying optimistic in the face of failure and setbacks. He acknowledges the difficult losses he experienced early in his career and how they served as a turning point, motivating him to improve his mindset and hone his mental skills. For aspiring athletes, Djokovic’s story provides valuable insights into the mental game of tennis and shows the importance of developing resilience and perseverance.

Djokovic also highlights the significance of teamwork and the role it played in his success. He credits his team of coaches, trainers, and nutritionists with providing him with the support and guidance necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. This emphasis on collaboration and teamwork highlights a crucial lesson for anyone hoping to achieve success, no matter their field.


Novak Djokovic’s “Serve to Win” offers readers an inside look at the life of an elite athlete and the challenges he faced on his path to success. Djokovic’s story highlights the importance of nutrition, physical conditioning, mental preparation, and teamwork in achieving peak performance. For aspiring athletes, his story serves as a valuable lesson in persistence, resilience, and determination in the face of adversity.

Djokovic’s memoir reinforces that overcoming challenges necessitates a positive mindset, consistent hard work, and perseverance, particularly during times of adversity. Overall, “Serve to Win” is a must-read for tennis fans and anyone seeking inspiration on their own path to success.

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