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Summary: Nottingham Forest, one of the oldest football clubs in England, have recently released their third kit for the 2021/22 season. The kit, which features a unique design that pays tribute to the club’s historic European Cup victory, has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

1. The Design

The third kit features an eye-catching all-over print of the club’s crest, inspired by the mosaic at the Trent End of the City Ground. The shirt is predominantly black with a touch of red on the collar and sleeve cuffs, while the shorts and socks are both black with red detailing. The design also includes the last line of the famous Brian Clough quote: “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one.”

Some fans have praised the unique and bold design, while others have criticized it as being too busy and not in line with the traditional colours of the club. However, the kit has already sold out in many sizes just days after its release.

Additionally, the kit manufacturer, Macron, has included eco-friendly elements in the kit’s construction, using recycled polyester obtained through a process that reduces CO2 emissions and saves water. This reflects the club’s commitment to sustainability.

2. The Inspiration

The third kit is inspired by Nottingham Forest’s historic European Cup victory in 1980, where they defeated German side Hamburg to claim their first European trophy. The mosaic seen at the Trent End of the City Ground also portrays the club’s logo, along with the years of their two back-to-back European Cup victories, highlighting the club’s achievements in Europe during the late 70s and early 80s.

The inclusion of Brian Clough’s iconic quote further cements the club’s identity and legacy. Clough is considered a legendary figure at the club, having achieved remarkable success during his time as manager, including winning two European Cups.

The third kit not only pays tribute to the club’s rich history but also serves as a symbol of the club’s ambitions to return to glory in the future.

3. Fan Reaction

The release of the third kit has sparked some debate among fans and supporters. Some have praised the design and appreciated the homage to the club’s past, while others have criticized it for being too flashy and not fitting with the traditional colours of the club.

However, many fans have already purchased the kit and expressed their excitement for the new season, hoping that the unique design will bring good luck to their team.

The third kit has also received attention from football fashion influencers and social media users, who have shared their opinions on the kit’s innovative design and interesting backstory.

4. The Future

Nottingham Forest’s third kit illustrates the cluc’s commitment to both its history and its future. As Nottingham Forest aims to regain top-tier status, this edgy yet classic kit could become a fan favourite.

The demand for the third kit is evident, with sizes selling out in days. Many supporters see this shirt as a must-have in their collector’s item collection or enjoyed it for their personal style.

Nottingham Forest’s efforts are respectable in designing an eco-friendly kit that highlights its history and identity. With the start of the season just around the corner, fans are excited to see the players sporting this new design on the pitch.


The 2021/22 season will be an exciting one for Nottingham Forest, and their newly released third kit adds more excitement to the mix. While opinions on the design may vary, one thing is clear: the shirt reflects the club’s rich history, their continued ambition, and their commitment to sustainability. We can’t wait to see the players donning the unique design on the pitch and what heights they will reach this season.

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