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Summary: Morocco Open tennis is an annual professional men’s tennis tournament held in Marrakesh, Morocco. The event is an ATP World Tour 250 series on the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Tour and is played on clay court. It is one of the most important sporting events in Morocco and draws in players and spectators from all over the world.

1. History of the Morocco Open Tennis

The Morocco Open Tennis was first held in 1986, with the appellation ‘Grand Prix Hassan II,’ but the tournament has been through a few name changes since then. Initially, it was an ATP Challenger event which was elevated to an ATP World Tour event in 1990. This year, it was christened the Grand Prix SAR La Princesse Lalla Meryem. Over the years, many tennis legends have lifted the winner’s trophy at this tournament, making it one of the most prestigious events on the ATP calendar and a favorite among fans and players alike.

The tournament takes place at the Royal Tennis Club of Marrakesh, which provides the perfect setting for some thrilling tennis. The club is beautifully situated amidst the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, creating a scenic backdrop for the games. Morocco Open Tennis always welcomes top-ranked players and emerging stars to test their mettle on the clay courts. Past champions have included legendary players such as Rafael Nadal, Stanislas Wawrinka, Guillermo Coria, and more recently, Benoit Paire, who won his second ATP title at the 2019 edition of the tournament.

Besides providing a platform for international players, Morocco Open Tennis has also been a critical contributor to enhancing tennis in the country. Year after year, it has attracted a growing number of visitors and healthier TV ratings – an encouraging sign that Moroccan tennis is continuing to grow and improve

2. The Importance of the Morocco Open Tennis Event

The Morocco Open Tennis is an event that has a lot of significance for players and fans alike. For starters, it is a great opportunity for tennis enthusiasts in Africa to watch some top-quality matches played by renowned players in person. Some of the notable players who have participated in the past include former world No. 1s, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, and Stanislas Wawrinka, among others. This tournament provides an avenue to promote African talent globally.

It also boosts tourism in the region. The district of Marrakesh is a hugely popular destination for tourists internationally, and partnering the city with a sporting event like this only strengthens its appeal. The new modern stadium built in the area has been critical in attracting international attention, adding another feature to the picturesque location as a promising tourist spot.

As an ATP World Tour event, the tournament has significant ranking points, proving crucial for those trying to make the cut for big international events such as the Grand Slams. Therefore, not only do players attend for the prize money and worldwide fame, but they come to position themselves favorably for major tournaments. The Morocco Open is a sound reference for players to kickstart their season on the clay courts leading to 2021 French Open, where champions are born.

3. Players’ Expectations and Preparations

For the top players who grace the Morocco Open each year, expectations and preparations differ. Rafael Nadal, for instance, has won the title twice – back in 2009 and 2012 – in his pre-French Open campaign. Having dominated the clay for over a decade, he uses this tour to gauge his fitness level and the state of his game before heading to the bigger events. For up-and-coming players like Hugo Gaston (FRA) and Carlos Alcaraz (SPA), Morocco Open Tennis is an excellent opportunity to break into the top ranks in the ATP standings.

Winning in Marrakesh is no walk in the park, as the clay court can be duly demanding, and the field of players always features some major stars who are in impressive form. Danielle Medvedev (RUS), the number one seed at the 2021 tournament, will be coming in with great confidence after his recent Australian Open Triumph; rising star Hugo Gaston FRA) showed immense potential during this year’s French Open, while ‘enfant terrible,’ Benoit Paire (FRA) will be eager to win his third title this year.

Players entering this ATP 250 level event are expected to kick-off their clay season on a good note. Given the high stakes and calibre of athletes involved, there’s an air of anticipation around who will step up to the plate and take the tournament’s top honors.

4. Off-Court Activities For Fans

While the focus of the tournament is undeniably on the courts, there are often plenty of festive activities for visitors to enjoy. There’s everything from tastings of delicious Moroccan cuisines to shopping at local boutiques selling handicrafts. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities off and on the grounds where concerts and other events are usually held. Various grants or travel packages are available to make the experience even more enjoyable.

The Royal Tennis Club of Marrakesh, apart from featuring world-class tennis facilities, also has a luxury hotel and restaurant. Guests can indulge in a pampering spa treatment after a long day watching matches courtside, followed by a fine dining experience prepared by award-winning chefs.

Morocco Open Tennis offers something for every attendee, tennis lover or not. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a trip to an exciting travel destination with top-class live entertainment, an opportunity not to be missed.

5. The Future of the Morocco Open Tennis

The Morocco Open Tennis has been coming up on its list of reputable and crucial ATP events as it forms part of the WTA circuit, which affirms a significant spike in women’s tennis development in Morocco. Constant improvements and developments within the facilities and resources provided to tennis athletes and fans alike continue to attract professional players each year.

The government of Morocco has always supported sports development in the country, and Tennis is one of the most financed sports. French tennis legend Amelie Mauresmo recently visited Marrakech to assess and advise on the implementation of professional tennis projects funded by the royal Moroccan tennis federation. France continues to partner with Morocco through the federation and other sponsors who have been instrumental in raising the standard of courts, promoting tourism, and bringing more economic growth to the region through sports.

The future can only get brighter for the Morocco Open Tennis tournament, with ATP increased participation numbers year after year, upcoming modern facilities, leading players, and plenty of fan activities.


The Morocco Open Tennis has continued to grow remarkably in popularity and quality over the years. There is no doubt that the event holds an important place on the ATP World Tour calendar, given its success and frequent attendance by top-flight players. Most importantly, the tournament is a valuable platform for Morocco to demonstrate its prowess in organizing high-profile international sporting events while promoting the country’s beauty and attractions. Morocco Open tennis tournament is a must-see event for tennis enthusiasts globally. Everything about it, from exciting on-court action to delightful off courts, makes it an ideal package for fans, players, and tourists.

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