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Summary: The Mizuno JPX 800 irons are a great option for golfers with mid to high handicaps seeking forgiveness, distance and consistency on the course.

1. Design and Features

The Mizuno JPX 800 irons have a sleek and modern design that provides improved playability and performance on the course. The irons have a low and deep center of gravity which helps in getting the ball in the air with little effort. This feature is particularly useful for mid to high handicap golfers who struggle with hitting the ball consistently. The face of the irons is bigger than average which gives the irons a larger sweet spot. The increased sweet spot significantly improves the chances of making better contact with the ball, resulting in better accuracy, distance, and control. Additionally, the irons have a multi-material construction that is made up of both steel and graphite, which gives the irons an optimal balance of stability and feedback.

The Mizuno JPX 800 set comes with 8 irons – 4 through 9-iron, pitching wedge, and gap wedge – and can be customized according to different player preferences. Golfers can choose their shaft material and flex depending on their swing speed and ball preference. The irons also come with a standard blue and black stock grip that offers a solid feel and comfortable grip.

The Mizuno JPX 800 irons are versatile and can accommodate the needs of different types of golfers. Whether you are looking for more forgiveness, distance, or consistency, these irons can help improve your game and enjoyment on the course.

2. Forgiveness

A significant benefit of the Mizuno JPX 800 irons is their high level of forgiveness. The oversized head and the hybrid-like sole of the club make these irons extremely easy to hit, even on mishits. The dual cavity design contributes to the clubs being more forgiving by reducing vibrations on impact and increasing stability. Overall, the irons’ forgiveness makes them an excellent choice for golfers with mid to high handicaps or those struggling with consistency and accuracy on their approach shots.

The Mizuno JPX 800 irons’ advanced technology makes it possible to have a giant sweet spot that can help reduce setbacks caused by a mishit. The sweet spot is designed to create a larger margin of error when hitting the ball at different angles and positions on the clubface. The wide soles of these clubs ensure maximum forgiveness, even on heavy shots that would typically dig into the turf.

Another added benefit of the Mizuno JPX 800 irons’ forgiveness is that it helps limit the damage done on overall scorecard due to miss-hits. Fewer penalties result in lower scores over the course of 18 holes, leading to an even more enjoyable day on the course.

3. Distance

Mizuno JPX 800 irons provide an incredible distance advantage because of a combination of power and precision. The irons are designed to launch high and far, even with slow swing speeds. Due to the size of the head, the center of gravity is closer to the sole – hence the hybrid sole design. This design allows a golfer’s shots to launch higher, spin less, and ultimately carry further with each shot.

This distance will be a fantastic help for golfers who need a little extra carry on shots to clear hazards or reach the green; potentially leaving players just a couple of putts away from making par. Additionally, a higher launch angle can also lead to softer landings on the greens which may lead to fewer rolled-over and under-hit putts.

Overall, Mizuno JPX 800 irons are capable of consistently providing excellent distance for golfers of all levels, including golfers who need extra help getting the ball in the air or reaching greens from long distances.

4. Feel

Mizuno JPX 800 irons provide players with sound feedback on every swing without feeling too harsh. The irons feel smooth and comfortable, reducing shock and preventing mishits caused by vibration. The irons’ new cavity design, which moves weight around, creates a pleasant feeling at impact and generates a unique sound that many golfers appreciate. The feel feature is perfect for those seeking to improve their game by making more precise strikes while gaining valuable feedback from each shot.

The feel aspect of the Mizuno JPX 800 irons is a testament to Mizuno’s extensive experience in forging steel head constructions. The irons use patented Grain Flow Forging, one of the advanced technologies employed during manufacturing, resulting in a uniformity of material construction.

This means that the irons have superior quality and consistency, which results in an excellent feel on all shots. In general, the Mizuno JPX 800 irons bring together player-friendly technology with a touch of old-school construction artistry to help create an exceptional feel throughout your round of golf.

5. Appearance

The Mizuno JPX 800 irons’ appearances are a result of advanced science merged with classic design concepts, leading to a modern and versatile look. At address, the irons’ shape and size inspire confidence and make it easy to hit good shots. The head shape is reminiscent of a traditional iron yet possesses a sleek and contemporary appearance, setting these irons apart from other standard game-improvement options.

Additionally, the clubheads have a refined texture and gloss, which adds to the irons’ overall aesthetic appeal while reducing glares that can affect swings. The look of the clubs’ finish is a sharp contrast to the yellow PVD coating, giving them a modern look without feeling flamboyant.

In summary, the Mizuno JPX 800 irons are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, offering golfers a superior club appearance and versatile playability that will inevitably attract attention on the course.


The Mizuno JPX 800 irons are game-improvement irons that offer high levels of forgiveness, distance, feel, and appealing aesthetics. These irons can help golfers of all levels improve their game by providing feedback and increased accuracy while also being easy to hit and launch. Furthermore, Mizuno has worked their technological wonders on the heads of the club and the shafts, which provides maximum value for investment. Ultimately, these irons are a great option for golfers looking to enhance their skills and enjoyment of the game while still looking impressive on the course.

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