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Summary: Manchester Golf Alliance (MGA) is an organization that was created to promote and develop golf in the region. The MGA offers a range of services and initiatives, including junior golf development, encouraging diversity, and supporting local golf clubs. In this article, we will discuss the goals, benefits and achievements of this organization.

1. Promoting Junior Golf Development

The MGA is committed to promoting golf as a sport for all ages, including juniors. The organization has implemented a junior golf program that focuses on developing the skills and providing opportunities for young golfers to excel in their sport. This program involves partnerships with local golf clubs, schools, and other community organizations to create a network of resources for junior golfers. The MGA also organizes tournaments and events aimed at junior golfers with the aim of discovering and nurturing young talent to represent the region in national and international competitions.

Juniors who join the MGA’s program receive training from experienced coaches, attend seminars and workshops, and participate in clinics and golfing camps throughout the year. The goal is to help juniors build their confidence, develop their technique, and provide them with a positive support network so that they can have fun while learning and playing golf.

The MGA’s efforts have borne fruit as many of its junior golfers have gone on to become successful professionals, representing the region in national and international competitions and bringing glory to Manchester.

2. Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion

MGA believes that golf should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or ability. The organization is committed to ensuring that golf is a welcoming and inclusive sport where individuals of all races, genders, ages, and abilities feel at home. To achieve this goal, the MGA has launched several initiatives such as Golf for All and Get into Golf programs, which are aimed at introducing golf to people who may not have thought about playing the sport before.

The organization has also established partnerships with local community groups, charities, and schools with the aim of increasing access to golf for underserved or marginalized populations. The MGA has worked to break down barriers to entry by providing equipment, encouraging coaching, promoting the sport in diverse areas of the city, and organizing tournaments and festivals that celebrate diversity in the sport.

The MGA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has been recognized by national governing bodies such as England Golf and has won numerous awards for their efforts in this area.

3. Supporting Local Golf Clubs

The MGA recognizes the importance of local golf clubs as the grassroots of the sport and is committed to supporting these clubs in the region. The organization provides a range of services to local golf clubs, including training and professional development opportunities for club managers and coaches, organizing golfing events and competitions, and offering financial support to clubs that need it.

The MGA also works closely with local authorities to help improve facilities, which can be challenging for many local golf clubs. This helps ensure that clubs can provide high-quality facilities that attract new members and keep existing members satisfied. The MGA has also helped clubs navigate the legal and regulatory requirements necessary for clubs to function effectively.

By supporting local golf clubs in this way, the MGA is helping to secure the future of golf in the region and strengthening the bond between clubs and communities.


In conclusion, the Manchester Golf Alliance plays an essential role in promoting and developing golf in the region. Through initiatives such as junior golf development, diversity and inclusion, and supporting local golf clubs, the MGA has made a significant impact on the sport in Manchester. The organization’s commitment to promoting golf as a sport for everyone is particularly impressive and has led to many success stories of juniors who have gone on to achieve great things in the sport. Golf enthusiasts and casual golfers alike can be assured that the future of golf in Manchester is bright, thanks to the contributions being made by the Manchester Golf Alliance.

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