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Summary: Lucas Gerch is a renowned AI scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his innovative work in the field of artificial intelligence and is the co-founder and CEO of Orbital Insight, a geospatial analytics company that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses and governments make informed decisions.

1. Early Life and Education

Luke Gerch was born on October 31, 1979, in Washington D.C. His parents were scientists, and he grew up with a fascination for science and technology. In 1998, he enrolled at Stanford University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. During his undergraduate studies, Gerch developed an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Gerch went on to pursue his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His research focused on machine learning, pattern recognition, and data mining. During his graduate studies, Gerch worked with several leading AI researchers, including Tom Mitchell and Andrew Ng.

In 2007, Gerch completed his Ph.D. and immediately began working as a Senior Research Scientist at Google. At Google, he helped develop the company’s early machine learning algorithms and worked on various projects, including the ImageNet project.

2. Career Overview

Gerch left Google in 2013 and co-founded Orbital Insight, an AI-powered geospatial analytics company. The company’s primary objective was to use AI to help organizations gain insight into global economic trends and market opportunities based on satellite imagery, geolocation data, and other sources.

Since its founding, Orbital Insight has grown rapidly and has attracted significant investments. In 2017, the company raised $50 million in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms.

Aside from his work at Orbital Insight, Gerch is also involved in several other AI-related projects and initiatives. He has given talks at various conferences and has written several papers on machine learning and computer vision. He is also a member of the Executive Council of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), an AI research organization founded by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder.

3. Contributions to AI

Gerch is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. His contributions to the field include several groundbreaking research papers and patents on machine learning, data mining, and computer vision.

One of his most significant contributions was his work on deep learning, a subfield of machine learning that involves training artificial neural networks with large amounts of data. Gerch’s research helped pave the way for the development of deep learning algorithms, which have revolutionized many fields, including speech recognition, vision, and natural language processing.

Another important contribution was his work on the ImageNet project, a large database of labeled images. The project was instrumental in advancing computer vision research and led to the development of several breakthrough algorithms.

4. Awards and Honors

Gerch’s contributions to the field of AI have been widely recognized, and he has received numerous awards and honors. In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious “MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35” award, which honors young inventors who are making significant contributions to their fields.

He has also been named one of Fortune’s “40 Under 40” and was awarded the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science Distinguished Alumni Award in 2019. Gerch is also a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), a professional organization that promotes computer science research and education.

Aside from these awards, Gerch’s work has been widely cited and has had a significant impact on the field of AI and machine learning.


In conclusion, Lucas Gerch is a leading AI scientist whose contributions to the field have played a significant role in advancing our understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning. His work on deep learning and computer vision has paved the way for many breakthroughs in these fields, and his company Orbital Insight is at the forefront of using AI to solve problems and address global challenges. Gerch’s achievements and recognition serve as an inspiration to young scientists and entrepreneurs hoping to make their mark on the world.

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