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Summary: Golf is not only a sport but also a sophisticated game. It improves concentration, physical fitness, and discipline. If you want to introduce your kids to the game of golf, starting them off with the right equipment is important, including their shoes. In this article, we will give you insights into the importance of golf shoes for kids, factors to consider when buying them, and how to choose the right size and fit for your child.

1. The importance of kids golf shoes

Golf shoes are important in every phase of a golfer’s game. They provide traction, stability, flexibility, and comfort, especially during swings, approaches, and putts. Without proper golf shoes, players can lose balance and footing, which can affect their swing and aim. For kids, it is more important as they need to have a good balance and strong grip on the ground.

Some golf courses require players to wear golf shoes to ensure that the grass is not damaged by spikeless shoes. Wearing golf shoes also helps kids understand the etiquette and traditions of the game, making them more respectful and appreciative of the sport.

Overall, golf shoes for kids are essential because they provide crucial support and balance, improve their performance, protect them from injury, and help them embrace the classic spirit of the game.

2. Factors to consider when buying kids golf shoes

There are several factors to consider when buying golf shoes for kids:

Comfort: Golf shoes should be comfortable, flexible, and breathable. They should not restrict movement, cause blisters or chafing. Choose shoes made from soft leather or synthetic materials that do not require a lot of breaking in.

Design: Golf shoes come in different designs, including classic, sporty, or modern. Choose a design that suits your child’s style and personality.

Size: Choose shoes that fit your child’s feet correctly by measuring them accurately, preferably at the end of the day when their feet are most swollen. Allow some wiggle room, about half an inch, for growth and movement.

3. How to choose the right size and fit for your child

Choosing the right size and fit for your child’s golf shoes can be challenging, as their feet grow quickly. Here are some tips to help you:

Measure their feet: Measure both feet from heel to toe, and choose the size of the larger foot. Allow half an inch of wiggle room, and avoid buying shoes that are too loose or too tight.

Check the width: Make sure that the shoe’s width is proportional to the length of your child’s feet. Shoes that are too narrow or too wide can cause discomfort or imbalance.

Consider growth: Kids’ feet grow fast, so it is best to buy shoes that have room for growth. Alternatively, you can buy shoes that have removable insoles that you can replace as needed.

4. Types of kids golf shoes

There are two types of kids’ golf shoes to choose from: spiked and spikeless.

Spiked golf shoes: These shoes have removable or fixed cleats on the sole that grip the ground and provide stability during swings. They offer more traction than spikeless shoes but need maintenance and can damage the grass on the golf course.

Spikeless golf shoes: These shoes have rubber studs or dimples on the sole that provide traction and flexibility. They are easy to maintain, less damaging to the grass, and suitable for kids who play in wet or dry conditions.

Choose the type of shoe that suits your child’s level of playing, their preference, and the condition of the golf course.

5. Tips on how to care for kids golf shoes

To make sure that your child’s golf shoes last long and provide maximum performance, here are some tips on how to care for them:

Keep them clean: Wipe off any dirt or grass stains after each game with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they can damage the shoe’s materials.

Dry them well: After cleaning, stuff the shoes with newspaper or a shoe tree to absorb moisture and prevent them from losing shape. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat sources as they can cause the material to crack or fade.

Store them properly: Keep the shoes in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Use a shoe bag or box to protect them from dust, moisture, or scratches.


Golf is a great activity to introduce your kids to as it brings many benefits. To ensure that your child enjoys the game and performs well, starting them off with the right equipment, including golf shoes, is important. Remember to consider comfort, size, fit, type, and caring for your child’s golf shoes to enhance their performance and experience.

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