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Summary: Joel McIntyre is a professional boxer from Portsmouth who has earned a reputation for being one of the toughest fighters in the UK. Throughout his career, he has won numerous accolades and titles, all while gaining respect for his strong work ethic and undeniable talent.

1. Early Life and Career

Joel McIntyre was born on December 3, 1986, in Portsmouth, England. He grew up in a working-class family and discovered his passion for boxing at a young age. Despite facing many challenges, including financial difficulties and personal setbacks, he remained determined to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional boxer.

He began his amateur career in 1999 and quickly proved to be a standout fighter. He won his first British title in 2005 and continued to dominate in the ring over the next several years. In 2010, he made the decision to turn professional and quickly established himself as a top contender in the light heavyweight division.

Throughout his early career, he faced several tough opponents but emerged victorious in most of his fights. His dedication and hard work paid off when he won his first professional title, the Southern Area light-heavyweight title, in 2013.

2. Professional Success

Over the past decade, Joel McIntyre has become one of the most successful boxers in the United Kingdom. He has won multiple regional and national titles, as well as several international bouts against top-ranked opponents.

In 2015, he faced his toughest opponent yet, former British and Commonwealth champion Tony Dodson. After a grueling 10 rounds, he emerged victorious with a unanimous decision. This fight cemented his reputation as one of the toughest fighters in the UK.

Since then, he has continued to climb the ranks and compete at the highest levels of the sport. He has fought in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, including the O2 Arena in London and the Manchester Arena.

3. Training and Work Ethic

One of the keys to Joel McIntyre’s success has been his relentless work ethic. He is known for his tough training regimen, which includes hours of sparring, cardio work, and strength training every day.

He also places a strong emphasis on mental preparation and often practices visualization techniques to help him stay focused and motivated. His dedication to the sport has earned him the respect of fans and fellow fighters alike.

In addition to his intense training routine, he is also a devoted family man. He balances his time between his career and his wife and children, making sure to spend quality time with them whenever possible.

4. Charity Work

Beyond his accomplishments in the ring, Joel McIntyre is also a committed philanthropist. He has used his platform as a professional boxer to raise awareness and funds for a number of important causes.

He has worked with organizations like Cancer Research UK, Children in Need, and the Alzheimer’s Society, among others. In 2015, he raised over £6,000 by participating in the Stand Up To Cancer campaign. He continues to use his platform to give back and make a positive impact on the world.

5. Future Goals

Joel McIntyre shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He remains focused on his career and continues to strive for excellence in and out of the ring.

His ultimate goal is to become a world champion, and he is willing to put in the hard work and dedication necessary to get there. With his raw talent and fierce determination, there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional boxing.


In conclusion, Joel McIntyre is one of the most talented and dedicated boxers in the UK today. He has faced numerous challenges throughout his career but has always remained focused on his goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them.

His success both in and out of the ring is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Whether he is raising awareness for charitable causes or fighting for another title, he always brings his best to everything he does.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible athlete and are excited to watch him continue to make his mark in the world of professional boxing.

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