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Summary: The Holland football shirt retro is a popular choice among football fans and collectors, with its iconic design and history. This article will delve into the origins of the shirt, its design, notable moments in its history, its impact on Dutch culture, and why it remains an enduring symbol of football fandom even today.

1. The Origins of the Holland Football Shirt Retro

The classic Holland football shirt, with its signature bright orange hue and lion crest, has been around since the 1970s. However, the design goes back even further to the early 1900s, when the Netherlands national team first began sporting a white shirt with a blue sash. In the 1920s, the team changed to an all-blue kit, which lasted until the 1930s.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the Holland shirt took on its now-iconic orange color. The change was reportedly inspired by the royal House of Orange, which had long been associated with Dutch nationalism. Nike became the official kit supplier for the Dutch national team in the late 1990s, and they have continued to produce retro versions of the classic Holland shirt ever since.

Over the years, the Holland shirt has become a symbol of Dutch pride, not just in football but in all facets of Dutch culture. It has even become a fashion statement, worn by celebrities and fashion icons around the world.

2. The Design of the Holland Football Shirt Retro

One of the most distinctive features of the Holland football shirt retro is its bright orange color. The shirt is typically paired with black or white shorts and socks, creating a bold and striking look. The lion crest on the shirt is another iconic element, symbolizing strength and courage.

While the shirt may seem simple in design, it is actually full of subtle details. For example, the lion crest is actually made up of a series of small diagonal lines, giving it a textured appearance. The font used for the player names and numbers is also unique, featuring sharp angles and geometric shapes.

The retro Holland shirt has evolved over the years, with different versions featuring changes to the collar, sleeve design, and other elements. However, the basic look and feel of the shirt has remained constant, maintaining its status as a timeless classic in the world of football kits.

3. Notable Moments in Holland Football Shirt Retro History

The Holland football shirt has been worn by some of the greatest players in Dutch football history, including Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, and Dennis Bergkamp. It has also been part of some of the most memorable moments in Dutch football history.

In the 1974 World Cup, the Dutch national team dazzled fans with their Total Football style of play, which emphasized fluid movement and interchangeability between players. The team’s orange shirts became synonymous with this revolutionary approach to the game, inspiring a new generation of footballers around the world.

The Holland shirt was also part of one of the most controversial moments in World Cup history. In the 1990 tournament, Dutch player Frank Rijkaard famously spat on German player Rudi Voller, leading to both players being sent off. The incident became a symbol of the intense rivalry between the two nations and is still remembered to this day.

4. Impact of the Holland Football Shirt Retro on Dutch Culture

The Holland football shirt retro is more than just a piece of sports apparel – it has become a symbol of Dutch identity and culture. The shirt is often worn by Dutch fans at international sporting events and has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, and even music videos.

The shirt’s bold orange color has also become associated with Dutch culture in general. It is not uncommon to see buildings, buses, and other objects painted in the distinctive hue, particularly during major sporting events like the World Cup. The Holland shirt has become a way for Dutch people to show their pride in their country and their team.

Today, the Holland football shirt remains an enduring symbol of football fandom and Dutch culture. Whether worn by fans at a match or fashion-conscious celebrities on the streets of Paris or New York, it is a reminder of the power of sport to bring people together and create shared experiences.


The Holland football shirt retro is more than just a sports kit – it is a cultural icon that represents the best of Dutch identity and history. From its origins in the early 1900s to its evolution over the years, the shirt has become synonymous with Dutch football and culture. Its impact can be seen in everything from fashion to architecture, proving that football truly has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people around the world.

If you’re a fan of football or Dutch culture, the Holland football shirt retro is a must-have item for your collection. Whether you wear it to a match or display it proudly in your home, it is a symbol of the enduring legacy of one of the greatest football nations in the world.

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