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Summary: Hatton vs Barrera tickets were highly sought after for their 2007 fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Fans were eager to see the British boxer, Ricky Hatton, take on the legendary Mexican fighter, Marco Antonio Barrera, in what was expected to be an intense match. The event was a huge success, and tickets sold out quickly, leading many fans to turn to resale markets to secure their seats.

1. The Fight

The highly anticipated fight between Hatton and Barrera took place on December 8, 2007, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. This was a significant match for both boxers, as it would determine their standing in the world of boxing. Hatton, who was undefeated at 43-0, had never fought against an opponent as skilled as Barrera, and many doubted his ability to come out on top. Barrera, on the other hand, had a long and storied career and was considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. The stage was set for an epic battle between two of the sport’s best.

The event was a sell-out, with seats hard to come by even at face value. The MGM Grand Garden Arena has a capacity of 16,800, and every seat was filled with enthusiastic fans, eager to see the fight unfold. Hatton, who had a large following in the UK, brought with him a significant number of fans, adding to the atmosphere inside the arena.

The fight itself was intense, with both boxers giving it their all. Hatton started strong, landing several significant blows early on in the match. However, as the rounds progressed, Barrera began to mount a comeback, catching Hatton with a series of jabs and body shots. In the end, it was Hatton who emerged the winner, securing a unanimous decision from the judges.

2. Ticket Sales

The demand for Hatton vs Barrera tickets was significant, with fans eager to secure their seats before they sold out. Tickets were priced between $150 and $1,000, depending on the location of the seat and the view of the ring. The cheapest seats were in the upper tier of the arena, while the most expensive tickets were located ringside.

The tickets for the event went on sale in October 2007, and within hours, the majority of the tickets had been sold. Many fans were left disappointed, as they were unable to purchase tickets due to high demand. This led to many fans turning to resale markets, such as StubHub and eBay, to secure their seats. Due to the high demand for tickets, resale prices were often significantly higher than face value, with some tickets selling for thousands of dollars.

Despite the high price of tickets, fans were still eager to attend the event to witness the historic fight between Hatton and Barrera. The atmosphere inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena was electric, as fans cheered on their favorite boxer.

3. The Impact of the Fight

The fight between Hatton and Barrera had a significant impact on the world of boxing. It was seen as a turning point for Hatton, solidifying his position as one of the best boxers in the world. The victory over Barrera was a significant achievement for Hatton, who had previously been criticized for fighting less skilled opponents. The win also helped to boost Hatton’s popularity among boxing fans, both in the UK and around the world.

For Barrera, the defeat marked the end of an era. The Mexican fighter had a long and successful career in boxing, with numerous titles and accolades to his name. Many speculated that the loss to Hatton would mark the end of his career, and although he did continue to fight, he was never able to recapture his former glory.

The fight also helped to cement Las Vegas as the home of boxing. The city has a long history of hosting some of the biggest and most iconic fights in boxing history, and the Hatton vs Barrera match was no exception. Fans from around the world flocked to Las Vegas to witness the match in person, further establishing the city’s reputation as the boxing capital of the world.


The fight between Hatton and Barrera was a significant moment in the world of boxing. The high demand for tickets and the intense atmosphere inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena demonstrated the passion and excitement that boxing can generate. The impact of the fight on both Hatton and Barrera’s careers, as well as the reputation of Las Vegas as the home of boxing, cannot be overstated. It was a historic moment in the sport, and one that fans will remember for years to come.

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