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Summary: In a recent match between Gillingham F.C. and A.F.C. Fylde, the stats showed an intense battle on the pitch. Both teams displayed their skills and tactics, but in the end, Gillingham managed to secure a 2-1 victory. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and analyze the game.

1. Possession

From the start, possession was evenly matched between both teams. However, as the game progressed, Gillingham managed to seize control of the ball and dominate possession. They finished the game with a total of 55% possession compared to A.F.C. Fylde’s 45%. This allowed them to create more opportunities in the attacking half and put more pressure on the opposing team’s defense.

Gillingham’s ability to maintain possession was evident in their passing accuracy, completing 81% of their passes compared to A.F.C. Fylde’s 73%. This ensured that they were able to keep the ball moving and create better scoring opportunities.

On the other hand, A.F.C. Fylde relied on quick counter-attacks to try and catch Gillingham off-guard. While they managed to score a goal through this strategy, their inability to retain possession for longer periods of time proved costly in the end.

2. Shots on Goal

Gillingham had a total of 11 shots on goal, compared to A.F.C. Fylde’s 7. This highlights their dominance in the attacking half and their ability to create more chances. However, despite having more shots on goal, Gillingham only managed to score twice, which shows that they need to work on their finishing and conversion rates.

A.F.C. Fylde, on the other hand, had fewer shots on goal but managed to convert one of them into a goal. Their ability to make the most out of their opportunities kept them in the game till the very end.

Overall, both teams displayed an attacking mentality and created several chances, but it was Gillingham’s perseverance that paid off in the end.

3. Fouls and Cards

The game was not without its fair share of physicality, as both teams committed several fouls throughout the 90 minutes. In total, there were 15 fouls committed by Gillingham and 16 fouls committed by A.F.C. Fylde.

Gillingham received a total of 3 yellow cards during the game, while A.F.C. Fylde received 2. However, it was Gillingham’s goalkeeper, Jack Bonham, who received a red card in the 72nd minute after making a dangerous tackle outside his box. This forced Gillingham to play with 10 men for the remainder of the game.

The increase in fouls and bookings towards the end of the game showcased the pressure and intensity of the match, as both teams fought tooth and nail for the victory.

4. Tactical Approaches

Both teams displayed different tactics throughout the game, with Gillingham opting for a possession-based approach, while A.F.C. Fylde relied on quick counter-attacks.

Gillingham’s focus on keeping the ball allowed them to create several chances in the attacking half, which eventually led to their two goals. Their defenders also played an important role in building up play from the back, with centre-back Jack Tucker making the most passes (74) in the entire game.

A.F.C. Fylde, on the other hand, relied on their speed and agility to catch Gillingham off-guard. Their lone striker, Jordan Hulme, troubled Gillingham’s defense with his pace and movement, eventually scoring a goal for his team.


In conclusion, the match between Gillingham F.C. and A.F.C. Fylde showcased intense football, with both teams displaying their strengths and weaknesses. Gillingham managed to eke out a victory, thanks to their dominance in possession and ability to create more chances. However, A.F.C. Fylde fought hard and made the most of their opportunities, keeping the game close till the very end.

Both teams can take away valuable lessons from this match, especially in terms of finishing and retaining possession. With the right adjustments and improvements, they can continue to put up strong performances and compete at the highest level.

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