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Summary: Giants Live Glasgow is a world-famous strongman competition held annually in Scotland. The event features the strongest men from around the world competing in a variety of strength and endurance challenges, with the victor crowned the champion of Giants Live.

1. The history of Giants Live Glasgow

Giants Live Glasgow began in 2005 as a regional qualifier for the World’s Strongest Man competition. Organizers soon realized the potential of the event for a global audience and began expanding its offerings to include world-class athletes from all over the world. Today, the Giants Live Glasgow competition is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of strongman competition.

The competition consists of several rounds, starting with the qualifying rounds. The best-performing athletes advance to the finals, where they compete in a series of grueling events to determine the overall winner. Events include the truck pull, deadlift, keg toss, and atlas stones, among others.

Giants Live Glasgow has become a proving ground for some of the strongest athletes in the world, and has launched the careers of many up-and-coming competitors.

2. The athletes of Giants Live Glasgow

The competitors of Giants Live Glasgow are some of the strongest men on the planet. Many have set world records in various strength events and are known for their incredible feats of power and endurance. The event typically attracts entrants from all corners of the globe, with top performers coming from countries such as England, Iceland, and America.

One of the most famous competitors in Giants Live Glasgow history is Hafthor Bjornsson, who won the competition multiple times and went on to become a world-famous actor after starring as “The Mountain” on the hit television show Game of Thrones.

Other notable past competitors include Eddie Hall, who famously deadlifted over 1,000 pounds to set a world record, and Brian Shaw, a four-time World’s Strongest Man champion.

3. The events of Giants Live Glasgow

Giants Live Glasgow is known for its exciting and challenging events, which push the limits of even the strongest athletes in the world. Some of the most popular events include the truck pull, in which competitors must pull a loaded truck a set distance in the shortest amount of time possible; the deadlift, where athletes lift increasingly heavy weight off the ground; and the keg toss, in which contestants attempt to toss a series of weighted kegs over a high bar.

Other events in the competition include the farmer’s walk, in which competitors walk for distance with weighted objects in their hands; the log press, in which athletes lift a heavy metal log overhead; and the atlas stones, where contestants lift a series of heavy stones onto ever-increasing platforms.

All of the events are designed to test the athletes’ strength, endurance, and overall fitness, and are sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

4. The audience of Giants Live Glasgow

The audience of Giants Live Glasgow is made up of fitness enthusiasts, strength athletes, and general fans of sports and competition. The event attracts thousands of fans each year, many of whom travel from all over the world to witness the spectacle of the strongest men in the world competing against one another.

In addition to the live audience, the competition is also broadcast on television and online, which opens up the event to a global audience and helps to spread the word about the sport of strongman competition.

Overall, the audience of Giants Live Glasgow is passionate and dedicated, and is integral to the success of the event.


Giants Live Glasgow is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events in the world of strongman competition. With its incredible athletes, challenging events, and passionate audience, the competition has become a staple of the sports world and a must-see spectacle for fans of strength and endurance. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking for an exciting and unique form of entertainment, Giants Live Glasgow is sure to deliver.

So mark your calendars and get ready to witness the strongest men on the planet compete for the title of Giants Live champion.

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