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Summary: Getaway Lily Bear is a popular accommodation option in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. This luxury cabin offers guests a chance to disconnect and enjoy the stunning mountain views and local wildlife, including the elusive grizzly bear.

1. Location and Accommodations

Getaway Lily Bear is located in a secluded area of the Purcell Mountains, just outside the town of Golden, British Columbia. The cabin is surrounded by untouched forest and has stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The interior of the cabin is rustic yet luxurious, with modern amenities and a fully equipped kitchen. It can accommodate up to six guests and is perfect for families or groups of friends looking for a peaceful escape from the city.

The cabin features two bedrooms, each with a queen bed, and a loft area with two twin beds. The living room has large windows that offer panoramic views of the mountains and the Kicking Horse River. There is also a wood-burning stove, perfect for cozy evenings spent indoors.

Guests can also enjoy the outdoor hot tub, which is located on the deck and offers a perfect spot to stargaze on clear nights. The cabin also has a barbecue, outdoor seating, and a fire pit for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors.

2. Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

The Purcell Mountains are home to a wealth of wildlife, including elk, moose, deer, and even grizzly bears. Guests at Getaway Lily Bear have a unique opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat. The best way to view wildlife is by taking a hike or guided tour with a local wildlife expert.

One of the most sought-after animals in the area is the grizzly bear. These majestic creatures are known for their strength and fierce protective instincts. While they are elusive and difficult to spot, guests at Getaway Lily Bear have a good chance of seeing them on a guided hike or from the private deck of the cabin.

It is important to remember that grizzly bears are wild animals and should be treated with respect. Guests should always follow the advice of their guide and never approach wildlife.

3. Outdoor Activities

The Purcell Mountains offer a wide range of outdoor activities for guests at Getaway Lily Bear. In the summer, guests can go hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or white water rafting. The nearby Kicking Horse River offers some of the best white water rafting in North America, with rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV.

In the winter, guests can enjoy world-class skiing and snowboarding at the nearby Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The resort has over 4,000 acres of skiable terrain and is known for its deep powder snow and challenging runs.

For those who prefer more low-key outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing, bird watching, and photography. Guests can also explore the nearby town of Golden, which has a vibrant arts scene and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore.

4. Sustainability and Conservation

Getaway Lily Bear is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. The cabin is built using locally sourced materials and uses solar panels to generate electricity. The owners also work closely with local conservation groups to promote the protection and conservation of the local wildlife and environment.

Guests are encouraged to follow Leave No Trace principles and minimize their impact on the surrounding environment. This includes properly disposing of waste, using biodegradable products, and avoiding disturbing wildlife.

The owners of Getaway Lily Bear also offer educational programs and workshops on local conservation issues, helping guests to better understand and appreciate the unique ecosystems of the Purcell Mountains.


Getaway Lily Bear offers guests a chance to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy all the beauty and adventure that the Canadian Rockies have to offer. With luxury accommodations, stunning views, and plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, it is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating getaway. Plus, with a commitment to sustainability and conservation, guests can feel good about their impact on the local environment.

So why not book your stay at Getaway Lily Bear today and experience the natural beauty and wonder of the Purcell Mountains firsthand?

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