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Summary: Gabriel Jesus is a Brazilian professional football player who has gained international recognition for his impressive skills on the pitch. He has a net worth of approximately $20 million, thanks to his successful career as a footballer.

1. Early Life and Career

Gabriel Jesus was born on April 3, 1997, in São Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in the Jardim Peri neighborhood, where he started playing street football at a young age. His talents were quickly noticed, and he joined the youth academy of the local team, Pequeninos do Jockey. By the age of 15, he had moved to Palmeiras, one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.

Jesus made his first-team debut for Palmeiras in 2015 and soon established himself as one of the team’s key players. He helped Palmeiras win their first Brasileirão title in over 22 years in 2016, finishing as the league’s joint top scorer with 12 goals. His impressive performances caught the attention of European clubs, and in January 2017, he signed for Manchester City.

In his debut season at City, Jesus scored seven goals in just 10 Premier League appearances, helping the team clinch the title. He has since become a regular feature in the team and has continued to impress with his skills and scoring ability.

2. Endorsement Deals

As one of the rising stars of Brazilian football, Gabriel Jesus has signed some lucrative endorsement deals over the years. He has been a brand ambassador for Nike since 2016 and has appeared in several ad campaigns for the sports giant. He has also endorsed international brands like Pepsi, Vivo, and Tim.

His popularity in Brazil has made him a sought-after personality, and he has been featured in several television commercials, billboards, and print ads. According to reports, Jesus earns around $5 million per year from endorsements alone.

In addition to his endorsement deals, Gabriel Jesus also has his own line of merchandise. He sells t-shirts, caps, phone cases, and other items bearing his name and logo through his online store, which contributes to his net worth.

3. Salary and Bonuses

Gabriel Jesus’ primary source of income comes from his salary and bonuses as a football player. His current contract with Manchester City, which he signed in 2018, is reported to be worth approximately £120,000 ($165,000) per week. This amounts to an annual salary of around £6.24 million ($8.6 million).

In addition to his base salary, Jesus is entitled to various bonuses, including appearance bonuses, goal-scoring bonuses, and performance-related bonuses. These incentives can add up to a significant amount over the course of a season and contribute to his overall net worth.

Jesus’ salary is expected to rise in the coming years as he continues to establish himself as one of the best players in the world. According to reports, he is currently in talks with Manchester City over a new contract that could see him earn even more in the future.

4. Investments and Properties

Like many high-earning footballers, Gabriel Jesus has invested in various properties and assets over the years. In 2019, he purchased a luxury apartment in São Paulo for around R$13 million ($2.4 million). The apartment is located in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods and features luxurious amenities like a private pool, sauna, and gym.

Aside from his real estate investments, Gabriel Jesus also has a keen interest in the stock market. In 2018, he revealed on social media that he had invested in shares of the Brazilian mining company Vale. He may have also made other investments in companies and startups, although details are scarce.

Jesus’ investments, coupled with his endorsement deals and salary, have helped him amass a substantial net worth at a young age.


In conclusion, Gabriel Jesus’ net worth of approximately $20 million is a testament to his impressive skills on the football pitch and his entrepreneurial spirit off the field. As one of the rising stars of Brazilian football, he is expected to have a bright future ahead of him, both in terms of his career and his finances.

With his talent and business acumen, Gabriel Jesus is sure to remain a top earner in the football industry for years to come.

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