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Summary: The East Region PGA is one of the six regional sections of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA). It serves as a platform for professional golfers to showcase their skills and compete against each other. This article will detail the history, current status, tournaments, and notable players of the East Region PGA.

1. History of the East Region PGA

The East Region PGA was founded in 1916 and was originally known as the Metropolitan PGA. Its jurisdiction extended to the New York metropolitan area. In 1969, the organization changed its name to the Eastern PGA and expanded its territory to include Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Later, in 1982, it became known as the East Region PGA. Over the years, the East Region PGA has undergone several changes to adapt to new challenges and promote excellence in golf.

Today, the East Region PGA is a significant contributor to the development of professional golf and its players. The organization aims to promote golf as a sport, enhance the skills of professional players, and increase public awareness of the game.

The East Region PGA also operates a variety of programs that support individuals interested in pursuing a career in the golf industry. These programs encourage diversity and inclusivity and emphasize the importance of hard work, integrity, and sportsmanship among participants.

2. Tournaments and Events

The East Region PGA conducts several tournaments throughout the year that showcase the talent of its members. Perhaps the most notable of these events is the Lincoln Met PGA Championship, which is open to all members of the East Region PGA. This tournament attracts top talent from across the region and provides an excellent opportunity for players to earn recognition and prestige.

The East Region PGA also holds several other noteworthy events, including the Pro-Scratch Championship, the Head Professional Championship, and the Senior Championship. Each of these events provides players with a unique challenge and allows them to compete against other talented golfers in their category.

In addition to organizing tournaments and events, the East Region PGA also supports community service initiatives that promote the growth of golf and give back to local communities. For example, the organization’s Birdies for Golf program works with public schools to integrate golf into physical education curriculums and helps fund the creation of new golf facilities in underserved areas.

3. Notable Players

The East Region PGA has been home to many famous and accomplished professional golfers throughout its history. Perhaps the most well-known of these players is Walter Hagen, who won 11 major championships and served as president of the East Region PGA from 1937 to 1941. Other notable players who have competed in the East Region PGA include Jim Furyk, Ernie Els, and Vijay Singh.

Today, the organization continues to attract top talent from around the world. One such player is Cameron Young, who won the Lincoln Met PGA Championship in 2020. Young is a rising star in the golf world and has already established himself as a fierce competitor on the PGA Tour.

Other notable East Region PGA members include Rob Labritz, who has won 14 major local championships and runs a successful golf academy, and Darrell Kestner, who has competed in over 20 PGA Tour events and is a highly respected instructor and coach.


The East Region PGA has a rich history and continues to serve as an essential platform for professional golfers to showcase their skills and compete against each other. Through its tournaments, events, and community service initiatives, the organization promotes the spirit of golf and encourages individuals to pursue careers in the sport. With its talented members and dedicated staff, the East Region PGA will undoubtedly continue to be a driving force in the world of professional golf for years to come.

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