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Summary: DKNY Golf, a popular sportswear brand specializes in stylish, comfortable and functional athletic wears for women. Their dynamic collections are elegantly designed and can be worn on and off the golf course.

1. History of DKNY Golf

DKNY Golf was founded in 1998 by Donna Karan, an iconic fashion designer. The brand was created to make a mark in the golf apparel industry and to cater to the needs of fashionable female golfers. Over the years, the brand has been highly successful in carving its niche in the market by producing top-quality golf outfits with exceptional designs that meet the demands of the modern-day golfer. The company is known for creating versatile and trendy sportswear that offers maximum comfort and style without compromising on performance.

They offer a wide range of golf wear including polos, shorts, skorts, pants, sweaters, jackets, visors, gloves, and belts. Their diverse range of clothing comes in varying sizes to fit all shapes and sizes of women golfers. The stylish finishing and trendy designs of the outfits from DKNY Golf have turned heads in the golfing industry and made them a well-known name amongst golf lovers worldwide.

The DKNY Golf brand also prides itself on eco-friendly production, ensuring sustainability in the fashion world. They use innovative technologies in their products, applying techniques to reduce waste and energy consumption.

2. Features of DKNY Golf Clothes

The women’s golf clothing of DKNY Golf shows a perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Each outfit is designed with top-quality fabrics for durability and comfort, and each design is created with the use of technology that ensures optimal performance of the sportswear. The following are some of the features of DKNY Golf Clothes:

Comfort: DKNY golf clothing is made from stretchy, breathable materials that allow a full range of movements. The outfits are light, airy and pillowy for comfort during play time.

Innovative designs: The outfits from DKNY golf have unique designs representing the latest styles in fashion trends. The creative blend of colours, patterns, prints and innovative detailing of each garment signifies the brand’s uniqueness.

Performance-driven: Each garment is designed to provide high-performance capabilities. The smart design pattern and materials used in constructing DKNY Golf clothes are geared towards ensuring maximum performance on the golf course, such as UV protection against the sun, thermal containment for cold weather, etc.

3. DKNY Golf Accessories

In addition to the clothing line, DKNY Golf offers a wide range of accessories to complement your game. DKNY Golf accessories not only add value to your golf game but also adds fashion statement to your outfit. Some of their accessories include:

Gloves: The DKNY Golf gloves are designed to improve grip and control on golf clubs while simultaneously absorbing sweat. The gloves offer comfort and style, which makes them a perfect addition to your golf game equipment.

Visors: The visors from DKNY Golf help to shield your face from direct sunlight, allowing you to focus on your swing and not your eyes. The visors come in variety of colour and designs, so customers can choose one that suits their personality and preference.

Belts: The belts from DKNY Golf have adjustable lengths and are available in colourful designs that complement the entire ensemble. The belts also have a unique clamp to provide support and keep the belt in place while swinging.

4. Celebrity Fans of DKNY Golf

The DKNY Golf brand has become popular among female golfers, sports enthusiasts, and fashionistas worldwide. It has caught the attention of celebrities like Katherine Jenkins, Kelly Baxendell, Holly Sweeney, and Kourtney Kardashian. These celebrities have been seen adorning DKNY golf wears while on the course or running errands, showing that DKNY Golf clothing line aligns with both comfort and style of an athlete or leisurewear.

DKNY Golf is also known to have sponsored golf events, making it a popular name in the golf industry and attracting many women’s golf enthusiasts worldwide.

5. Where to Purchase DKNY Golf Clothing

DKNY Golf clothing can be purchased from their online stores or partnering stores. The range of sizes and designs make it possible for every woman golfer to find an outfit that suits her unique style, leisure, and performance needs.


DKNY Golf is a brand that has made its mark in the golf industry for women, providing fashionable yet functional golf wear, accessories, and supporting eco-friendly fashion production. Whether you’re a beginner in the golfing world or experienced in golf; whether it’s for a game day or a sponsored event, DKNY Golf offers a variety of women’s golf clothes and accessories that cater to your style, comfort, and performance needs. Their distinct designs and sustainability standards have set the tone for what golf wear should look and feel like.

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