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Summary: Darren Clarke is a Northern Irish golfer who won the Open Championship in 2011. Additionally, he is known for his stunning house in Portrush, Northern Ireland. Clarke’s house offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, and it has an impressive design that blends in with its natural surroundings. This article will explore the architecture, interior design, and landscape of Darren Clarke’s magnificent home.

1. The Architecture of Darren Clarke’s House

Darren Clarke’s house is a statement of modern architectural design. Its location is perfect for a golfer, with unparalleled views over the North Atlantic Ocean, and it was clear from the beginning that the architectural design should be responsive to the spectacular coastal landscape. The ethos behind the design lay in the conscious decision to complement and blend the house seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and to create harmony with the coastal environment rather than detract from it.

The house was designed by architect Des Ewing and built by Porter & Co. The architects used locally sourced materials such as stone cladding and slate roofs, which help to give the house a natural look that is in keeping with its coastal location. The property incorporates modern design features such as glass walls, open-plan living areas, and minimalistic decor, which serve to enhance the overall effect of the ocean view.

The design of the house was inspired by the unique local context, which boasts cliffs, rocky outcrops, and gleaming beaches. The architects adopted a ‘village concept’ to mirror the existing terrace of traditional Irish cottages that overlook the sea.

2. The Interior Design of Darren Clarke’s House

The interior design of Darren Clarke’s house is equally impressive. From the moment you walk into the entrance hall, the use of light immediately sets a tone of relaxation and peacefulness, with large windows entrance a soft light into the house, and an impressive double height space adding a note of grandeur. The natural materials used throughout the design continue within the interior spaces, with a focus on using locally sourced materials to ensure authenticity and continuity throughout the house. Signature touches such as the use of a reclaimed Belfast sink in the kitchen and exposed beams serve to marry the old world with the new.

The open-plan design of the living spaces is ideal for family gatherings and entertaining, with the main living area enjoying a connected space that opens onto the terrace and stunning panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean and Rathmore Golf Club through full-height glass walls.

The bedrooms in Darren Clarke’s house are designed to provide privacy and peace, with large picture windows allowing natural light to flood the rooms. From the muted tones of the fabrics and materials to the bespoke cabinetry and finishings, each bedroom has a specialized ambiance inspired by the coastal surroundings.

3. The Landscape of Darren Clarke’s House

Darren Clarke’s house is a perfect example of how a well-designed landscape can complement a beautiful house. The landscape design in this property was carried out by Paul Martin of Omagh Landscapes. Martin incorporated various techniques to create an environment that would enhance the ambience and add to the natural setting, such as the use of local plants to help integrate the house with the surrounding rocky terrain.

The garden features natural plants, shrubs, and trees to artfully blend the tranquil surroundings, and an amber light marks the way down to the lower-level garden path. The garden also offers several luxurious living areas in which guests can relax and socialize, including outdoor dining space with fireplace and BBQ facilities, making it an ideal location for lazy summer afternoons and evening events.

Martin’s vision ensured that the landscape blends seamlessly with the house’s surroundings, providing an additional scenic benefit to this already sensational property.


Darren Clarke’s magnificent house in Portrush is a sight to behold. The house’s design blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, while the interior design and landscape only serve to enhance its beauty. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking, and the open-plan living areas make it an ideal space for family gatherings. The house’s interior design has been thoughtfully done, using natural materials and bespoke finishes to create a tranquil ambiance throughout. Additionally, the outdoor living spaces offer several luxurious areas in which guests can relax and socialize in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

In short, Darren Clarke’s house is the epitome of understated luxury, blending modern design with traditional finishes in a way that only enhances the natural beauty of its surroundings.

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