A soccer shin guard is protective equipment worn by players to protect their shin from injury. They are made of different materials like fibreglass, foam rubber, polyurethane and plastic.

Soccer shin guards are not only worn by professional footballers but also anyone who likes playing football either to become a professional or for the fun of it and this is the main reason why we bring to you the best soccer shin guard in the market. Good soccer shin guards are usually lightweight, allow free movement and provide ultra protection.


What the shin guard does is to protect the shin from injuries but there are some that also offers protection for the ankle.

And I can  bet it with you that you will find this article informative as it will guide you in choosing the best shin guards that will not only make you comfortable but also gives a lasting experience.

Types of best soccer Shin Guard

Soccer shin guard come in various sizes, designs and for different purposes. The three main types of soccer shin guards usually worn are:

  1. Slip-in Guard: They are easy to use as you will just have to slid it into your socks. They are lightweight, making it easy for them to move freely and they are cheap to avoid. They are used by both intermediate and professional players. However, their disadvantage is they o slip around too and that’s why players do use enough tape to hold them.
  1. Ankle Shin Guard: This type of shin guard also provides extra protection for the ankle. They have a protective padding that covers the shin with an extension that wraps around the ankle. They usually have stirrup sliding under the feet with an elastic band to hold it tight. They are recommended for amateurs and young players.
  1. Socks-Style Shin Guard: Just like the name, the shin guard are built into the soccer socks for convenience and that’s why they are recommended for and used by very young players.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guard

Soccer shin are unavoidable and important part of a footballer uniform. Shin guards help to prevent injuries, especially damaging injuries that could take time to heal up. And since injuries are not uncommon and unavoidable on the field of play, getting one of the best soccer shin guard has become a necessity.

Choosing the best soccer shin guard requires careful considerations. And it is understood that players are out for two major things when choosing a soccer shin guard and the two are comfort and protection. But the irony of it is that shin guards that offer more protection are less comfortable and vice-versa.

However, when buying a shin guard it is pertinent to know:

  1. the size of the shin guard that fits you perfectly
  2. the material used to make it
  • whether it has ankle sleeves or not
  1. the manufacturer

Of course, you would want to stay long in your soccer career and the more reason why you should invest in any of the best soccer shin guards below:


  1. Nike Mecurial Flylite Shin Guard


Nike is one of the best brands that I can vouch for and I love buying their products. They are, without doubt, one of the best manufacturers of shin guards in the world and they always put up the best.

What makes their slip-in Mecurial Flylite shin guard peculiar is that It comes with tech-infused pads which offers lightweight protection and allows free movement. Another high point scored by Nike on this product is that they have very flexible shell.

This flylite shin guard replaces traditional foam and now comes with a Flexible shell for comfortable protection against impacts than foam. The pips cover a wider area around the shin bone and together with the outer shell and the inner web backing absorb and disperse impacts.

Though the price is a little on the high side, it is still affordable.

Here are the reviews from Amazon of some customers that have bought the product:

  • These shin guards are some of the bests shin guards around. they are flexible but strong at the same time and that makes them my option any day.
  • These shin guards are just the perfect! I bought them for my son and he loves them. They are very comfortanle on him with the right dize and perfectly fit him. I can recommend it.”

  1. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard


This is another fantastic product from Nike. It is no surprise that Nike is our top two manufacturers for shin guard. They combine top quality with affordable prices. They have cut the edge in their production of sports equipment, this shin guard inclusive. And you can be rest assured of getting the best use for purchasing this Mercurial Lite shin guard.

This particular shin guard, made of EVA foam at the back which allows fresh air to the legs protect you from hard tackles. It has a low-profile shell that shields from abrasions and seamless, breathable Dri-FIT sleeves that provides superb comfort and a secure fit for the player. This shin guard is designed by Nike for players of different ages as they have anatomical design that fits your contours for targeted cushioning. It comes at a cheap price and it is approved by NOCSAE (The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment).

Some reviews from Amazon:

  • I highly recommend these shin guards as it offers good protection and has a contoured shape that differentiates between the two legs. It is extremely good.
  • I feel good in them. The sizing is very accurate and allows comfortable movement with solid protection. It is a great product!”

  1. Adidas Ghost Replique Shin Guard


The next on our list is a top quality shin guard from an equally top manufacturer. Adidas can give any other manufacturer a run for their money with their products. And that’s why we include the Ghost Replique shin guard among our best shin guard you can choose from.

Adidas Ghost Replique shin guard made of polypropylene comes with a dual strap closure to ensure fitness. It has combination of hard shells which offers a protective plate on the front and soft EVA cushioning on the back for more comfort. It also offers extra protection for the ankle with the ankle guard making it a complete package and really good for young players.

Surprisingly, it comes at a cheap price and that makes a good purchase and can be recommended for teenage players.

Some reviews from customers on Amazon:

  • I got these to play football and it’s definitely worth the money. It is a really good product!”
  • I got this for my 8 yr old daughter and she thinks it is great. And I personally love the ankle guards built in.”

  1. Puma Evopower 1.3 Shin Guard


And the next shin guard that makes our list is Puma Evopower 1.3 shin guard. Puma definitely scored a high point with this product and can compete with any shin guard in the market.

It comes with a SAS-Tec foam shell material that can protect from the hardest of challenges. The material absorbs impacts by becoming hardened and dense as it gets hit. And I must confess I’m highly fascinated by this protective functionality and design which makes it lightweight. It offers a lasting experience which makes you feel as if you have nothing on no matter the number of hours you have it on.

It fits perfectly around the shin and conforms with the shape of your foot. It also has compression sleeves that have ACTV athletic tape on the inside to hold it right on your shin. it is NOCSAE approved.

Here are some reviews from customers on amazon

  • I love it because it fits my shin perfectly and the tape that came with it makes movement more comfortable”.
  • It is the best around. Good for any age-grade player. I will recommend it for anyone”.

  1. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard


The last on our list is Vizari Malaga shin guard. Also a very popular name it offers good protection and comforts for players with no worry for injuries. Vizari scored high with this product with its ankle protection which makes it suitable for young players.

It has a hard shell with a foam padding that fits perfectly along the shin and has a front strap enclosure. It is good for those who are on low budget.

Here are some reviews from Amazon:

  • I ordered for this product and they are very amazing. They have accurate sizing and fit properly along my shin. It offers good protection for the ankle.
  • Vizari offer good quality at affordable price and that makes them the best option for me. Am also comfortable wearing them.


Soccer shin guard is necessary equipment for all footballers and a high quality shin guard brings comfort and it’s durable, so it is necessary to look out for those qualities when buying a shin guard.

The best soccer shin guard I will go for and also recommend for people is Nike Mercurial Flylite Shin Guard. It comes with top quality but affordable price and makes movement comfortable.

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