Soccer is a game that involves running, jumping and dribbling. And that is why apart from the ball itself and the soccer shin guard, and having one of the best soccer cleats under $100 are just as important as the aforementioned two.

Soccer cleats are protrusions on the sole of a soccer shoe which provide extra traction on either a slipping or a soft surface, helping the player to keep and maintain a good balance during play

Soccer are being played on different grounds or terrains; soft, hard, artificial and firm grounds and that could make choosing the best soccer cleats confusing and overwhelming, but this article will help you out in making the best selection.

Aside the soccer pitch, your position on the field also come into play when selecting soccer cleats as well as the material the cleats are made of, to ensure that you have the best soccer cleats that will you the necessary comfort and ease.

While the quality of your skills is not actually an outcome of the cleats, soccer cleats do considerably impact on your dribbling and running abilities.


From Nike to Adidas and Puma, there are different brands of soccer cleats, but there are also factors to be considered before buying that soccer cleats, and they will be well spelt out in this article to enable you choose the best soccer cleats that will you comfort and enhance your performance, with the material and durability also being put into consideration.

Soccer cleats can either be fixed to the sole of the shoe or removable.


Soccer is a game that can be played on different turfs either at the amateur level or professional level. Soft ground are not uncommon while artificial turf are also inevitable at times.

In fact, some football clubs make use of artificial turf and that is why a cleat usable on a soft ground with ease may pose problems for the player on an artificial turf. So you need to ensure that you have cleats that will give you maximum traction control on any of the surfaces mentioned below.

  1. Soft Ground

You need soft ground cleats if you will be playing on a wet and muddy ground. These type of cleats usually come with conical or blade shaped six strategically placed studs to penetrate the ground and prevent you from slipping. They cannot be used on a hard surface.

  1. Hard Ground

Hard ground cleats are usually used where rigid ground beneath the grass are showing. They do not penetrate the ground but offer traction for the player. The studs on hard ground cleats are well spread to cover the entire cleat.

  1. Firm Ground

Firm ground cleats come with either conical or blade shaped studs that are designed typically for natural surfaces like dirt and grass as well as outdoor soccer fields. The large studs are evenly distributed on the cleats and offer great traction which prevent slipping and assist in making directional changes. Firm ground cleats are versatile and can be used on any other ground.

  1. Artificial Turf

Artificial ground cleats are designed for use on man-made surfaces, that is where the grass is made of synthetic fibres instead of natural grass. These type of cleats usually have very tiny studs that spread over the entire cleat. They cannot be used on any other turf.


Though some are not bothered about their position on the field and the soccer cleats they use, it is important to consider the position you play in while choosing your soccer cleat. This is because some positions require more touching, running and dribbling than the others and the type of soccer cleats you choose will affect your play on the field.

Below are different positions on the pitch and what to look out for in each of the cleat for your position..

  1. Striker/Forward: As a striker, your duty is to score goals so you need soccer cleats that are lightweight. The soccer cleats you should go for should be between six and nine ounces in weight, as that enable to shoot the ball well and move with speed
  2. Midfielder: The midfield is the link between the attack and the defence As a midfielder you definitely do more of touching and move around the pitch the more, so you need a soccer cleat that will make you comfortable moving with ball, make quick turns and run. You should select shoes that have comfortable insoles and midsoles in them.
  3. Defender: Playing in the defence requires you to have soccer cleats and upper leather that will give you maximum traction control as you will need to be tracking back, stopping and changing directions quickly.
  4. Goalkeeper: As a goalkeeper, you need soccer cleats that offer the best traction control to keep you balanced when moving back and forth and from side to side.


After carefully taking into consideration the pitch and position you play in, among other factors, we have reviewed the best soccer cleats under $100 that will be most suitable and comfortable for you and also within your budget.

A good pair of soccer cleats are not always easy to find and most people do go through a lot of challenges when it comes to deciding on which to buy. So to make things easy for esteemed readers we have reviewed the top 5 best soccer cleats which listed below:

  1. The Nike Men’s Premier Soccer Cleats


Nike is a name to reckon with when it comes to soccer equipment and I personally desire buying their products as they come with good quality and are cost-effective.

Without missing words Nike gave their competitors a run for their money with this product. The Nike Men’s Premier Soccer cleats is lightweight and provides comfort for the feet and traction for different pitch conditions.

The upper part is made of Kangaroo leather with goat-leather quarter and heel panels. It comes with anatomical sock liner that provides support and low-profile cushioning.

Nike also scored high with the boot soleplate as it can bend very easily and synchronize with how you move fast.

Also, the studs on the cleats are well located which provides you with the ability to penetrate the ground. Expectedly Nike has the budget of their customer in mind as you can get this for under $100.

  1. Adidas Performance Messi 10.3


Adidas is another household name that I always love their products. They always combine quality and technology and this product of theirs speak for the company. The soccer cleats is named after the Argentine legend Lionel Messi. The Adidas performance Messi is lightweight, durable and comes with an AgION anti-microbial treatment that prevents odour and bacterial growth.

It is made of synthetic leather, soft textile lining that provide comfort and bladed stud perfectly aligned for traction control and faster turns on firm ground.

  1. Adidas Performance Women’s Matteo NUA 


Specifically made for women, another great product from Adidas. Beautifully made with good technology that makes it easy and comfortable for use for women.

The soccer boot comes with a synthetic leather upper for durability and still maintain its lightweight. It has an EVA insoles which gives impact absorption and comfort, has a TRAXION outsole that gives good grip and traction on firm ground.

They are also water repellant, so they can be used on wet surface without getting soaked. The studs are blade shaped making it possible to change direction quickly and accelerate faster. They are not too costly and can be bought at below $100.

  1. Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.2


Puma also rank high among the elite company producing soccer equipment, and they are good match for their competitors.

Puma Women’s Evospeed 4.2 is another good soccer shoe for women with great traction and stability that are guaranteed by the mixture of the round, tear-drop and oval studs. The soccer cleats, made of synthetic leather comes in sleek and stylish design. They are good on firm ground, lightweight and durable.

  1. Adidas Performance Samba Classic


Yet another fantastic product from Adidas that has stood the test of time and brings comfort and stability on indoor surfaces. The Adidas Performance Men’s shoes comes with leather upper, rubber sole and quality stitching that gives them durability.


Soccer cleats is necessary equipment for every soccer player though buying the correct one may be overwhelming, the main reason why this article was put together to guide you.

High quality soccer cleats brings comfort and durability, so it is necessary and recommended that you look out for those qualities when buying your soccer cleats.

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