As soccer player you need to get the best ankle brace for soccer because soccer players are exposed to various kinds of injuries, ankle injuries inclusive, on the field of play, due to the power, speed, and finesse involved in the game. And apparently, ankle injuries are the most common injuries to players, because the ankle is the area that suffers mostly from a sudden twist of the legs or tackles from the opponents.

Ankle injuries are certainly inevitable as the legs do much of the work on the pitch and that exposed the ankle to all sorts of attacks. Playing without an ankle brace will put your ankle at great risk.


Ankle injuries range from a lateral ankle sprain, medial ankle sprain to high ankle sprain. And these injuries to the ankle make ankle braces one of the necessities a soccer player must own whether a professional or an amateur.

Ankle braces are to protect your ankle from injuries and recurrent ones and that is why it is important for you to wear the best ankle brace for soccer. The ankle brace is a protective device that has metal or plastic support which can either be pulled on or lace up.

However, it is rather unfortunate that some players are not aware of the need for it while some get confused as to which one to get, this article will do justice to assisting in getting the best ankle brace for soccer.


You may be wondering why all the fuss about wearing the ankle brace, it is important because despite the fact that soccer players do wear shin guard to offer some protection to the leg, the ankles are still left unprotected and that poses a greater threat to the career of the player. Ankle injury like full ligament tear may take months before the player regains full fitness and some are career-damaging.

Ankle braces offer both preventive measures and while recuperating from an ankle injury. It is believed in some quarters that wearing an ankle brace is not all that important because it hinders ankle mobility and performance.

A good ankle brace goes a long way in reducing ankle injury by limiting your ankle from getting into positions where the injury can occur. Fast-paced movements where you turn the legs quickly can lead to an ankle ligament injury. Ankle braces with metallic supports help to calm and reduce painful swelling caused by ankle sprains. Medical experts have also advised that it is important you wear ankle brace after a primary injury.

Ankle braces provide enough relief and support to the ankle and it is essential to prevent an ankle injury. The braces for soccer are available in various sizes and designs which made it easy for you to make your choice based on the level of your injury and the amount of support you need.

Wearing an ankle brace gives you confidence because you will be relaxed that your ankles are well protected against injuries.


Before the advent of the ankle brace, the tape was being used to protect the ankle from injuries. Though they are still in use, they offer far less protection than ankle braces and the correct use of them can only be administered by an expert sports medic.

Ankle braces offer more protection than taping the ankle especially if the tape is not applied properly, besides taping doesn’t offer protection to the ankle joint area.

Tape will only stay tight around your ankle only for a limited period as constant running and sweat will break down the binding forces of the tape thereby reducing the support it provides.

Taping actually doesn’t have much to offer during rehabbing from injury, unlike ankle braces which help to reduce swelling and pains, and provides more stability to the ankle region.

Ankle braces are more rigid and tight which allow them to offer more support to the ankles.

However, it is important to always check with your physic-therapist to know the ankle braces that are good for you.


Selecting the best ankle brace for soccer could be overwhelming for you as there important factors to consider when making your choice.

There are different reasons why you would need ankle braces, but all the same, there are cogent factors to consider helping you choose the best ankle brace for soccer.

Preventing injuries, recovering from injuries suffered, gaining stability are parts of the many reasons why you need ankle braces.

But it is important to take some necessary steps like consulting a professional to know the ankle braces that will fit you perfectly and comfortably because they are made in various sizes and shapes with different features, specifications, and benefits.

Some ankle braces have just straps while others cover the whole ankle region. Your ankle braces should not be too loose as it wins’ offer enough stability or too tight to prevent your feet from getting numb.

Likewise, you should consider the durability of the ankle braces. The elasticity of some ankle braces worn in no time, so you should go for quality. If you need ankle braces during injury, you need to know the severity of your injury before buying ankle braces.

Ankle braces metallic support are needed for serious ankle sprains while the ones with plastic support are good for a mild ankle sprain.

The best ankles braces are usually ones that are versatile and offer support, good compression, and elasticity.


Selecting ankle braces requires you having a prior knowledge of what you want it for, either for preventive purposes or for rehabilitating.  Of course, there are many brands in the market that can confuse as to which one to choose with many of them claiming to offer protection and support they do not actually have while some lack durability.

So in a bid to reduce your burden, we have listed below the top 5 ankle braces you can choose from, putting in mind the necessary factors that will ensure your overall wellness.



The ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is one of the best ankle braces for soccer that offers more protection to the ankle than an ankle compression sleeve. It strikes a maximum balance between support and comfort as it does not restrict mobility in any way. The straps are adjustable to provide support as deemed fit by the player.

Made of copper material, the brace is lightweight and can be worn under cleats while also providing support against twisting and eversion or inversion ankle injury. The ASO ankle brace also offers the good option for soccer players that are just rehabbing from the ankle injury. It covers a large area of your ankle with side support up to the lower part of the leg.

However, it is recommended that you consult your physical therapist before using an ankle brace on your return from injury.



The McDavid ankle braces, though lightweight and comfortable, is a bit bulkier. It gives you a feeling of athletic tape but the padded lining and reinforced closures gives you the assurance of safety to your ankle without loosening during action. It is one of the best ankle braces that offer up to three times the protection of the tape.

Made of polyester, McDavid ankle braces can be adjusted without removing the lace or your shoe. It can be used for both preventive and rehabbing purposes. It comes with a ventilated tongue that doesn’t hamper the circulation of blood in your ankle



It’s no surprise that an Adidas product made our list again. This Adidas Adizero Soccer Ankle Brace differs in design to the other ones mentioned on this list. This ankle brace comes handy if you want to minimize the risk of getting an ankle injury other than rehabbing from an ankle injury.

It fits better under your cleats and it is a hybrid of compression and lace-up ankle brace. It offers more support and provides a natural feel after putting it on. It equally comes with a design that prevents you from ankle sprains. It is three times stronger than the athletic tape with a reinforced lateral protection that help prevents ankle rollover.



And the fourth on our list is Mueller ankle braces. I personally found this helpful and comfortable, and are also good for you if you have weak ankles or have suffered ankle injuries before. Made mostly of nylon but also have built-in plastic stays that offer both sturdy and perfect protection. The braces are lightweight and are good option to use if you are just recovering from an ankle injury.

It is a lace-up ankle brace that can be worn under cleats without any restriction to mobility or kicking motion. It covers a wider area of your ankle with an underfoot wrap that gives you more support, it is arguably one of the best braces around.



The last that deserve mentioning on our list is Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace. Zamst, no doubt, score high with this product. It is one of the best ankle braces for soccer and especially good if you are just returning from injury.

It has i-Fit and a-Fit technology that provides an anatomical fit that makes it versatile for different sports and it is being used by NBA star Stephen Curry. It comes with rigid lateral supports that prevent the inversion and eversion of the ankle even under extreme forces.


Choosing an ankle brace require having prior knowledge of what to go for. I believe we have provided for you some vital information about what you need to know about selecting the best ankle brace for soccer, why it is essential for you and how to choose the one that best fit your injury situation.

All ankles braces mentioned above are of good quality but personally, I will recommend ASO and McDavid ankle braces. I have used the two of them before and they gave good impression with the assurance that my ankles are safe with them on.

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