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Summary: Arsenal All or Nothing Episode 1 is the first episode of the popular football documentary series that follows one of England’s most decorated teams through their 2019/20 Premier League season. This episode provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the club, exploring their struggles on the pitch and the inner workings of the team. Fans and neutrals alike can find excitement in the drama as we follow Arsenal through their ups and downs over the course of the season.

1. A New Start for Arsenal

The episode starts with the appointment of a new head coach, Mikel Arteta, and his first speech to the team. We see the impact of the change as the team rallies behind their new leader, inspiring hope for their season ahead. Arteta emphasizes honesty and communication as the keys to a successful team. Following their new coach’s philosophy, the players sit down with each other to share their own experiences and feelings, building stronger relationships on and off the pitch.

The episode also highlights the renewed focus on tactics. Arteta’s coaching staff work closely with individual players to fine-tune their roles and responsibilities in the system. In addition, we see the team engaging in team-bonding activities such as paintball, further emphasizing the importance of teamwork and camaraderie.

However, the new start was no easy feat. The team struggled with finding their footing and suffered some devastating losses. Despite this, Arteta remains optimistic about the future of the club.

2. Arsenal’s Woes on the Pitch

As the season progresses, we see Arsenal facing their fair share of challenges on the pitch. The team struggles with injuries to key players like Calum Chambers and Kieran Tierney, forcing Arteta to make difficult lineup decisions. The documentary delves into the mental and physical toll of the sport, offering a look at what it means to play at the highest level.

The episode also highlights some of Arsenal’s most challenging losses of the season, such as their defeats to Manchester City and Brighton. These losses take a toll on the players’ morale, but Arteta continues to push his team until the very end.

Despite these difficulties, we see the raw passion and determination of the players, and their desire to improve and succeed never falters. The documentary captures the emotions of the players both on and off the pitch, giving viewers a glimpse of the intense pressure and scrutiny that comes with professional football.

3. A Glimpse of the Arsenal Family

Arsenal is known for being one of the tightest-knit teams in football, and the documentary provides an insight into this unique bond. We see the players and staff interacting with each other and their families in moments of joy and stress, highlighting the importance of the Arsenal community.

The episode shows the love and support that the families of the players have for one another, emphasizing the role they play in helping their loved ones succeed. From cheering on the team at games to sitting down for family dinners, the documentary showcases the human side of Arsenal outside of their roles as athletes.

This glimpse into the personal lives of the players also shows how important it is for them to have a support system, especially during tough times. With the tight-knit nature of Arsenal as a club, the players are lucky to have each other and their families by their side.


Arsenal All or Nothing Episode 1 is just the beginning of a thrilling journey through one of England’s most historic clubs. From the new start under Mikel Arteta to the struggles and triumphs on the pitch, the first episode provides an intimate look at the inner workings of Arsenal. The documentary highlights the importance of teamwork, communication, and hard work in achieving success, both on and off the pitch. We see how much passion and dedication the players and staff put into their beloved club, making Arsenal All or Nothing a must-watch for football fans around the globe.

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