Buying one of the best soccer balls under $50 out there may be a bit is becoming a bit challenging due to the variety of brands we have in the market today and having a lot to choose from.

For sure, we have encounter so many soccer balls in the market in which some of them are very cheap and very affordable for buyers.

However, majority of those producers are known to be very good when it comes to soccer balls and on the other hand, they are some couple that produce awful soccer balls so it very likely you get confuse and purchase the wrong one if you don’t get the right leads. But if you’re willing to purchase one of the best soccer balls out there and you wouldn’t mind to get some little leads to make sure you don’t fall into the victim of choosing wrongly, I think you have come to the right place for that and one things is certain that our experience dealing with this for age will help you.


Best soccer balls under $50 for 2017

We have gone as far as making sure we review the best and affordable once for you, so i don’t personally think the soccer balls on our list should be higher than your budget unlike the others you see out there that cost as much as an leg and arm.

With that said, one thing guaranteed  is that the balls on our best soccer balls list are good enough to break their way into the high ranking out there.

Nike Premier League Ordem 4 Ball [WHITE]

The first soccer ball on our best soccer ball list is from Nike. Now in case you’re not informed, I have used this in the past and I can assure you personally that it is such a very good ball to buy and if I were to be in your shoes I will purchase it in no time.

We are all informed that Nike have a great profile when it comes to producing sport products, so I don’t personally think there should be any regret for going for this soccer ball and for sure you will be saving some decent cash as it look a bit cheaper compare to other that are out there.

Even apart from the personal experience I have dealing with this soccer ball, during the review team entire testing; we also discover this soccer ball. I will say it is in fact one of the best soccer ball on our list, and we will encourage you to go for it if you will ever purchase one.

So without any further ado, let’s take a quick glance at some couple of fans review on Amazon for this particular product, we have also decided to review so bad review from the fans so you can always have a great knowledge of what this is all about.

Positive reviews:

  • Love this item. Everyone loves it.
  • Has really nice curve
  • Awesome ball!!!
  • Great ball!
  • Good ball!

Negative reviews:

  • I won’t waste my time and money on this
  • Not worth the price, doesn’t hold air well and quality isn’t there compared to other balls in this price range.


Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

The next soccer ball on our best soccer ball list may come as a surprise to some of you, and the question to that is quite simple and we will be taking a look at that now.

Adidas is another very good company that has produced great sport equipment most especially soccer balls for ages now, and I think it is rightly said that this soccer ball is powerful enough to help you in whatever you want it to, and they also look very beautiful to the seeing which makes it more loveable.

With that said, I think that is also a very good reason to go for this soccer ball, however, for those who are interested in buying a soccer ball and are having some good budget for that I think this is a good one to go for.

We have managed to get our hand on the soccer balls that will be best for you, and it has been made known to us by our review team that this is, in fact, one of the best soccer balls out there that you can get.

However, I personally think it is not too important for me to spend age on talking about this; you can kindly take a look at some other fans review for this product on Amazon.

  • I love t excellent
  • Very nice training ball allowing for good control
  • Authentic match ball, good price
  • A great looking and great handling ball
  • Good quality ball


Select Royale Soccer Ball

Here is another soccer ball but this time it is from Select, and this particular product name is known to be Select Royale Soccer Ball. It looks to be more cheaper compare to the second soccer ball on our list. You will discover this comes with a white and black color and it is such a beautiful one. So It all up to you whether to go for it or not.

Before I forget, this is one of the most beautiful on our list, and I will say it is a very good one to go for and good for people that are not willing to spend huge on buying a soccer ball.

Now as compare to the second soccer ball on our list, this one has a different color but a bit similar design and I personally think it is right said that it is one of the best out there with great review from it’s fans that use the product in the past. With that in mind, it best we review some fans view here too as we can’t fully explain how good this product is.

  • This ball is actually amazing.
  • This is an excellent ball for anyone to learn or play with. Practicing with a quality ball is absolutely essential…
  • My sons loves this ball. Well worth the money
  • Nice ball, easy to handle and travels well when Is kicked


Ultra-Durable Soccer Balls from One World Play Project

Sure you should have noticed the price of the products keep reducing as soon as we move on with our articles, we have also begin to review to you soccer balls with different designs compare to the ones we reviewed to you above.

However, this soccer ball is another great one with a very beautiful unique design with a blue color, so it is of no doubt that you will like it as soon as you set your eyes on it.

Without wasting time, we are going to move straight into unveiling the product producer to you which is known to be One World Play Project, now as we can always determine by the name, this soccer ball wil be no doubt a very good one and for training use. I expect you to be glad to discover that the soccer ball is one of the cheapest on our list and 95% of does who have bought this product from Amazon in the past has confirmed it to be a good one. Without any more delay, let move straight into fans review on Amazon:

  • That is almost destruction proof and has a good touch feel was just what the mission kids needed
  • 3 Years on Rocky Roads and Barbed Wire Best Ball for Harsh Environments
  • I recommend it very much
  • Makes a great ball for your Dog as well.
  • Wow!
  • The students — who love football — tell me the balls play just like normal soccer balls.


Three things to look at when picking best soccer balls

  1. When searching for the best soccer balls we have to look at some few things well. Firstly the quality and material of the ball. Majority of the time, soccer balls that are mainly from plastic are not good and are of less quality. I will advise you to stay away from such balls and don’t forget, they are frequently also cheaper.
  2. I think the second thing should be what we will be using them for. We will be using them for training and playing soccer, or will give it to a child that will kick the play as a toy.
  3. I think checking out for the price is very important when buying any product. When buying soccer balls for a kid you should definitely watch out for the cheap once under $50


Obviously, they are really so many options to go for out there in the market, but I can assure you that we have done or best to review to you the best once that will suit you in every aspect including their prices.